Sigil Of Peaceful demons and etc

hey once again i created sigil, this time to Demons and ETs they are extremly powerful can learn any psychic ability and you can offer anything for food and drink

Sigil you can connect with them

Click this arrow to see the sigil

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Can you share your experiences with this sigil so people have an idea about it? Your wrote a sigil for peaceful demons/etc…how so?


Interesting! So what psychic ability did you learn using this? We’re all ears.


What are those Demons and ETS you refer to as peaceful

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Maybe it’s a jack of all trades demon :smiling_imp:


I read that as a misspelling of “etc” and updated the title to avoid confusion. :slight_smile:

This post may not meet our rules for poster site activity for posting sigils, but the OP has been here since 2020 if largely inactive, and I don’t see a reason to suspect anything malicious.

However it has happened that posts of sigils which were not the stated intent or were parasitised caused problems for member on the forum, so I’m putting this sigil behind a spoiler for people to choose to click or not.


I am sorry i only wanted clarity.


With the capitalized “ET” and lower case “s”, and in the context of the original post, I understood ETs to be an abbreviation for Extra Terrestrials. Would be interesting for the OP to expound a bit on the subject.

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Thanks but I am not seeking clarity on ETC but rather on the sigil of peaceful demons that you mentioned. I mean how do you used the sigil, which demon can be call with the sigil and your experience with it.
Will highly appreciate any details information on that