Sigil of Lust

Share your exprience plz @Whoisme

Hmmmm when i first use… i charge it with the affirmation youtube video as shared in 1 of the post above. The target was more receptive than usual. Cos usually she will not reply to every message that i send. But on that day, she will at least reply something to acknowledge.

Then i aso will strongly on another time for her to message, which aso kinda works.

Afterwhich, no matter how much affirmation video i play it doesnt work. I aso tried putting blood, doesnt work as well.

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I just tried attuning this sigil to king beleth energy and i am seeing effects! Praise King Beleth!

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Please give more details, what exactly have you doneand what results did you get?

Well recently, i tried something else on the same target. But i think it kinds of backlash cos she cut off existing interactions instead… so i was thinking since this had generate some positive effects last time, i should try it again. This time with attunement as i had nothing to lose anyway. So after i did it, the day after she restored our existing interactions. Our convo today was also on a much nicer term.

Basically i print our photos with the sigil in the middle. I draw on the sigil and attune it with king beleth energy. i also write both our names and d.o.b. i then speak to her in the photo saying you are xxxx, (your intent). Each time i say it i imagine the energy spilling out from the sigil into her head and out, in a continous fashion.

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these videow are unavailable, can you share links pls?

@antonio_magician Yeah bro just look up roxy talks on youtube
the video is called "Sexy Affirmations ‎️‍🔥 Manifest A Specific Person To Be Wildly Attracted To YOU {Sexual Meditation "

I’m sorry this might be old and tmi but would menstrual blood be ok?

@Helga Ive used blood in this spell and also just used energy work
both are great , blood is an amazing tool to use . Be very clear and direct with your intentions and all shall work

I miss the shadow doc
Hope we get a new post soon

Does the sigil still have the energy or it is drained of power?

Well done!

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Hey all… so I’ve attuned the sigil to King Beleth’s energy. It will now provide a never ending flow of energy. Do let me know how it works for you. Enjoy.


I started working with the sigil on a target that is very stubborn and blocked me for months. Hope this will implant raw lust for me and help in combination with my daily work on the target.


It will work with old prints or drawings or we must make new one?

Please keep us posted :slightly_smiling_face:


How can you use this sigil on your phone?

This is the hardest step for me personally.

I’ve also had difficulty with emotional transmutation before, think of it like a free flowing fantasy and try to remove your own pressure to perform. It does become far easier with practice.