Sigil of lucifer, tree of life and the tarot

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this with all of you due to the fact you have so much wisdom on Lucifer and his expressions.

I’m a Meta-Physician, which includes a practitioner of the Mystical Arts – Numerology, Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot, etc etc.

I’m an avid decoder in various groups on Facebook and I have a Youtube channel dedicated to this craft.

Many years ago, after studying myself in great detail – natal chart, numbers, Tarot cards, I realized that many of my links are to the 1-4-7… which according to Manly P Hall, these are Lucifer’s direct numbers.

Today out of nowhere I got an urge to come on here and look up Lucifer, the invoking of, sigils’s etc. I’ve decode Lucifer’s Sigil before – But not like today. I read through Conner’s meditation, and that was when I had the provoking of decoding his Sigil once again – this time using the flower of life and the tree of life. I don’t know if anyone has ever observed Lucifer’s Sigil inside the tree of life or the flower of life – perhaps I’m not the first one to place them together. Either way, It’s rather interesting how they sync up in a tight fashion.

Allow me to digress here a bit. I’m not a firm believer in the typical tree of life expressions… I don’t think that the common tree is accurate at all. I say this because I feel that the tree of life stares us in the face when we observe our phone’s dial pad, when we look at a calculator. The 1-4-7 is on the left, the 2-5-8-0 is in the middle, and the 3-6-9 is on the right. This to me matches up directly with the tree of life. I also don’t believe the ZERO is at the bottom, representing Malkuth, the Kingdom. The Zero is Pi, 3.14 and it’s infinite – meaning the Earth has that limitless aspect to itself. The Wheel of Fortune, card 10, would be at the TOP of the tree, and would represent Ein Sof. Keep in mind that 10 is the number in Quantum Physics, the 1 and 0 – male Female…and to me, that’s a better representation of the Ein Sof. The FOOL would completely represent US here on EARTH, as when we incarnate, we are all FOOLS.

So ultimately what we have here is connecting the dots (numbers) as I’ve placed them next to what I believe to be the accurate placement of each Sefirot. With those placements, the connection of Lucifer’s Sigil is complete – connecting directly to the 9-7-5-2-0.

Interestingly enough, when we add up the 9+7+5+2+0 we get the number 26.

GOD = 26
YHVH = 26

Another interesting aspect is the Numerology of the Tarot cards associated with the 97520 – the numerology of these cards equal the number 471… which is the same numbers 741 that Manly P Hall talks about.

I know this is very new to some of you – it might seem a bit strange… I did my best to make it very easy to understand – if you indeed know how Numerology works along with the Tarot.


I’m interested… what is the significance of 741/471?

(I’m looking it up for full detail myself… lol… but can you elaborate a bit?)

This is very fascinating.


You mean Hebrew numerology right? Not Pythagorean or Chaldean, you should be more specific, good post though.

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Thanks for posting! Enlightening :slight_smile:

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ENGLISH CIPHER is what I used for this one… but there are many others that work well,

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They were allegedly Lucifer’s numbers according to a few sources.

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It’s a very rewarding symbol to meditate on and speculate about.
But am I wrong in thinking that 9+7+5+2+0 equals 23 and not 26?

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Hi Netherman… thanks for your comment.

It’s 23 with the 9-7-5-2… but we must add the zero… which most people don’t. The ZERO is Pi, 3.14, the neverending perfect circle… so zero = 3, hence giving us 26.

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3.14 is Pi not 3.

3 is a whole number but it is not Pi. Like wise a marathon is 26 miles 385 yards long not 26 miles only!

Methinks you’ve made one connection too far there…

Yes… but was there a great significance of what those numbers meant and why that was so important… or was it just the same way every spirit has numbers associated with them?

The zero is the perfect circle and is infinite.

You’re using 3.14 because that’s the typically remembrance science gives everyone. Why not 3.141 or 3.1415? Because you and all the world were programmed to say Pi is 3.14.

You must understand that the numbers that are separated with the decimal are done so for a reason – it’s the separation of the feminine and masculine – one sides feeds the other side. The next time you pump gas, observe what numbers feed which side in relations to the decimal point.

But if we really want to dig deeper, the most abundant way to figure this out is to multiply, since Pi is actually an infinite number… but it STARTS with the number 3… right? As a matter of fact, 3 is the only digit to the left of the decimal… it never changes no matter what the string goes to on the right side.

Therefore, when you add up 9+7+5+2, we get 23… and then we can multiply the 23 x 3 (Pi) giving us the number 27. And the numeric string 27 appears at the 28th decimal digit of Pi.

And guess what LUCIFER equals in Numerology? 28

I’m not too sure on that BabyDragon. I’m simply going off of what was allegedly stated which I integrated with my research.

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Gotcha. Not a problem. Thank you. It is a good starting place for my own research

Hey cool which system do you use?

Being that he’s the angel of music, I would look into the Gregorian chants (741hz and 528hz makes a discordant sound). A flatted 5th in music could be looked at like inverting a 5 pointed star. Also if you line up the greek music scales (I.Ionian, ii.Dorian, iii.Phrygian, IV.Lydian, V.Mixolydian, vi.Aeolian, and vii°.Locrian) with a 1 note change from 1 scale to the next you get…(vii).IV-I-V-ii-vi-iii-vii. Repeat, that’s why I put “vii” in parentheses at the beginning. From Roman numerals to numbers you get (7)41…5263(7):.741…also the 2 and 0 should be the 20 tarot card. 9-7-5-20 in English gematria spells “I Get” . Anagram that to get geit which means goat. Look up György Ligeti’s piano etude “L’escalier du Diable” (“The Devil’s Staircase”). Note that his name fits with English gematria… L-iget-i…sorry so long. I got more but…



Lucifer is 28, Jesus is 18… the Yin Yang

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