Sigil magick


Anyone have any true success with SIGIL MAGICK?
and if so what did you do to make it happen.


Boy, you’re gonna get a ton of responses to this one!

Sigil Magick is a very broad heading with many origins & sub-categories -everything from voodoo & celtic wyrd all the way to the seals of solomon & the keys of enoch. So the first order of business is to find out which tradition or method you’re interested in…

To answer your first question last, I personally began with runes, and some of the lesser known celtic symbols. And yes, I have had very satisfying results - more so as I got familiar with the sublter influences of the sigils I was working with. As with most magick, some are very straightforward and some are filled with layers of meaning.

Happy exploring.


I’ve worked with sigil magick for about 7 years now but my most interesting experiences were when I was experimenting with A.O. Spares method. The test was to see how specific I could make the sigil right down to the most minute detail I could think of. I figured I’d try something harmless and create a sigil to make the wind blow at thirty miles an hour at a certain time in a certain direction later that day. So I’m sitting there watching the weather channel and going outside periodically to see if it would happen suddenly or gradually. Well it hit thirty miles an hour at the specified time and going in the direction I specified but what I didn’t account for and even the weather guy was kinda wtf later but we ended up having a huge thunderstorm that night and it being late october it was already cold and the thunderstorm turned into an ice storm that lasted 3 days. Roads were closed, and a state of emergency was declared because over 20,000 homes in the area were without power. (there’s another interesting story in that bit but probably for another post). To this day I have no idea if the sigil I launched had any bearing on that ice storm that the weather guy never saw coming but I feel responsible somewhat because part of me thinks that subconsciously I wanted something bigger to happen and the sigil picked up on that when I was creating it.


For this post I assume that you are referring to A.O. Spares’ method of Sigil Magick. What I found time and time again is that, for me, forgetting the goal of the sigil is crucial to its success. Well, forgetting in the sense that it’s not constantly on my mind. Right after charging it, which would be uploading it into your subconscious mind while in a gnostic trance, I do something as un-magickal as possible. I work out or get something to eat. Letting it “sink” into my mind is important I think.


Yes I was talking about Spares method of sigil magick but forgetting about the sigil altogether is only one of spares methods. In fact that was the one he used specifically for results he wished to manifest over a long period of time. I was using his short term method which was meant to have instantaneous results. This method consisted of designing the sigil in the typical spare fashion but also creating a mantra out of the letters used to make the sigil and chanting that mantra repeatedly letting it take you into a trancelike state. There are accounts of him using this method in numerous instances from conjuring various weather phenomena to evoking spirits. I slightly modified this method when I started using it by also focusing my own energy into the sigil in order to give it more meaning and power which I believe is something spare did as well but only implied at it when he would mention that method.


Ok, I see. Yeah, I only worked with the method of using letters to create an ideogram. The “mantra-method” you mentioned sounds interesting. By now I’ve only used Sanskrit mantras in that way, never any self created ones. I guess I’ll try that out.


Here’s a good example of this method and quite an interesting story of how powerful it can be in the right hands. :slight_smile:


That’s cool! Thanks Kitari…


Thanks for that info on the mantra method. I’d never heard about that one and it definitely sounds worth experimenting with.

This guy has some great articles on sigils. Also check out the stacking technique he calls shoaling. Basically, you fire multiple sigils in one go - three or four. You mix a “big” or difficult thing with something you’d like but don’t really care whether it happens or not and something ultra-simple that’s practically guaranteed to happen whether you do a ritual or not. The inevitability of the easy things gives momentum to the hard one.
He goes into it pretty thoroughly here–

What I like to do is make a whole bunch of sigils in one sitting, then draw one at random to fire each day. That way, I honestly can’t remember which is which. So it’s impossible to even have spontaneous thoughts about “Gee, I wonder when X will happen,” because I can’t remember what X was.


I followed A O Spares method of sigil creation once only with the intended outcome of having a specific person reach a specific decision I wanted on a specific day. It failed! And that was with a 50% chance of it happening anyway ha…I am pretty sure the problem was that I couldnt let go of the outcome. Sulitatan’s shoaling idea in the above post to do quick win ultra simple sigils along with other bigger ones is doubtless the sensible way to go… N


It takes some practice. I recommend as a helpful starting point for learning to let go of your results to look for EA’s youtube video entitled the law of reversed effort. I wished I would’ve had someone give me that advice seven years ago when I started doing chaos magick in general as that was my first experience with learning to not attach myself to my magickal practice.


I’ve personally not found Spare and Carrol’s model as effective as opening/consecrating sigils that have been used for centuries, and I relate this to the fact that these traditional sigils are more heavily embedded in common observation, ergo requiring less output from the magician, creating a seemingly automatic pull into the opening of it.


Hey KITARI - Thanx for the reminder about EA’s YouTube clips; your input sent me back to watch severalof them (again). And then next time I log on,here’s the Mage of the Hour himself. :wink:

Always a pleasure, EA. Thanks for the visit! Zoe


If the power of the traditional grimoiric sigils are a result of their embedding into the collective observation, would it then be possible to say, create a list of spirits, their sigils and attributes, and then spread this list around in the form of a grimoire? In other words, would doing this actually give birth to the originally fictional spirits?


I can now officially mark off a check box on the list of questions I mean to pick your brain about EA. Much appreciation for the input. I’ve never ran into any traditional sigils aside from the ones used in evocation. If this is what you’re talking about though I suppose the newsletter you sent about opening a demons sigil and making use of it that way when you don’t have time for evocation makes a lot more sense to me as before I saw their sigils more like phone numbers rather than a way to tap into the respective demons power. My eyes are definitely opened to a new line of thinking about how deep symbolism in magick goes.


Darkness, this would indeed work well. Write a grimoire, distribute it, and then come back to it a couple years later and you’ll likely see a massive jump in its potency.




I will agree that established entities can be way more effective on big tasks. I’m only just picking Spare’s method up for experimentation because it started nagging at me. It’s not my primary course of inquiry. I think you have to go into it with total detachment and the attitude of “What happens if I push this button.” You have to make multiple attempts in a row and keep in mind his little mantra of “Does not matter, need not be.” Any eagerness or anxiety would be better served with the standard sorcery methods where you burn out the desire in the ritual. As I’m experimenting with this, it’s becoming clear why it’s so disproportionately popular with artists. You need that drive for creative experimental play and the ability to be indifferent to whether or not you “get” something out of it.


Oh I remember my forst succesful sigil, I was just experimenting and as a result a quite ugly drunk girl tried to rape me on a school trip…


Which entity did you use for that?