Sigil Magic (Using A.I. Art and Gifs)

I wanted to share what I use to help myself with the forum. I prefer easily reachable tools in my own magical (energetically) workings.

The only thing required is to stare at the gifs and meditate on the chakra or the intention.

I will explain what each gif is and how it works.

This first one is the peace symbol mixed with what the a.i. art came up using the prompt ‘Infernal Empire sigil’.

It’s the opening or awakening of said sigil.



Have you tried the MidJourney AI?

If you PM me, I’ll tell you how to find it. I can’t link to it from this forum. Mods won’t allow it.

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I personally don’t like it and stick to the one I’m currently using.

Infernal Empire Reiki Symbols
Trying it out and seeing what i got

Images used

Infernal Reiki


Trying different gif sizes

Images used

I think it’s a cool way to generate sigils (using of the probabilitys and mutuability of the AI). But I’d recommend generate than along with planetaries time or other system to put further energy in it.

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Here’s an A.I. Generated sigil




Making the unseen…seen

the hidden…


Infernal Empire’s energetically networking and networks

being shown/showings

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Energy started flowing in me as i gaze at these symbols.

Thank you lovely souls.

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base chakra Infernal

opening the 4 petals of life essence

foundation. home. stabilize. concentration (follow through).

concentric center

sacral chakra Infernal opening and healthy

energies moving up the spine

front view

when meditation is love (full body glow)

Solar Plexus chakra

Heart chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Fully open

Crown chakra