Sigil Help!

I have the book of Angel, sigils keys and calls but sigils inside book require rituals
So I would be very appreciated if someone.could me send of Archangel Raziel and Gabriel
Thank you

Looks like your phone mixed up that last sentence… What do you want posted again?

Yeah I was looking for the sigil of Archangel gabriel and raziel :pray:t2:

For the angels they’re called Seals - different tradition - if you search for the name and ‘seal’ you’ll get more results. You can also use the Rose Cross way of getting a sigil.


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Thank you so much :pray:t2::pray:t2:

There is also the seal of Raziel from Evoking Eternity that has been posted to the forum. If you type “Raziel” into the forum’s search function, both it and a Hebrew seal will come up.

How can you find out which spirit is possessing you if you’re possessed and dont know its name or won’t reveal it to you.

Damn can you retype that