Sigil got tore apart

In the process of creating sigil and anointing it with my sexual fluids etc . After i was placing sigil in my id card it got tore apart due it being wet with my sexual fluids.

To dispose should i just burn it, and just do the procoess again properly

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I’d say do it again.

Partly because getting better at magick is a matter of practice, so it will stand you in good stead, and partly because practicing the same rituals over makes them more effective, but also because you want to see if something happens again.

It’s sometimes a sign that the magick is blocked or the request not accepted when something damaging happens to a part of the working, but more often it’s just bad luck. You’ll know which if you deliberately do it again, maintain your focus, and all stays well.


What if other entity trying to stop the connection?

How about rather than inserting in my id card, i just paste it outside my id card at back side with a gum? Like pasting sigil at wall with a gum/fevicol, is it approprotiate that after making sigil we can permanent stick with gum somewhere?

This is why you banish and cleanse before you do the working. If your spiritual hygiene is good, and you can read the situation and know if you’re being interfered with, this is avoided.

I don’t know why your ID card is involved. If there’s a reason for that like you’re following some other instructions, follow the instructions, you have already started the ritual as written I wouldn’t try to renegotiate it after it’s started.

If it’s just to keep it with you you can fold it and slip in in your wallet anywhere.

Another way of handling open sigils while they are still working, is to fold them and put them in a book, like in your grimoire/journal for safekeeping, you don’t have to keep them on your person, unless again you are following instructions and then it’s best to follow through with what you committed to energetically.

I have heard of people laminating them. You can also paint them on ceramic, glass, stone, (drinks coasters are great for this) burn them into wood, paint them on cardstock, you have options.

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Another question: lets say sigil and rite is done so to get laid but din got laid in day one,

Then should we recreate the sigil and do rite

Or do rite on same sigil?

Din means “didn’t”?

… you shouldn’t have to repeat it, and unless you intended to bring only one person then it should just keep working without repetition.

Yeah thats dint,

Its not for specific targetting but every female.

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