Sigil for Michael

Planning to invoke or evoke Michael, got a handy sigil?

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Maybe this will help:

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Any particular enn/mantra for him?

And south is his direction? Do I need to do anything regarding planetary hours and transits?
Will review correspondences. Also, found four different sigils/seals for him. Will use all and use tarot cards 6/14/19.

Some use south, I personally place him at the east. shrug

As for correspondences, try this site?

Good luck!

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@Nightside really good book you oughta read if you want to work with AA Michael is called.

Sacred magick of the angels
By Goddard , David Goddard I think.

Really good material.


Oops I forogt to add something. Lol

Angels dont use enns. So now need for one! However…psalms work great for them! This blog post might also help guide you, when reaching out to Michael. The practitioner suggests psalm 113 for Michael.

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I am using this evocation writing by VK Jehannum
Invocation of Michael – V.K. Jehannum also Magickal Chants to Archangel Michael – V.K. Jehannum
This seal