Sigil for Metatron?

Looked through all my RHP material and didn’t find one … So I created one manually.
I want to compare it since I included all vowels and didn’t double loop the t’s.

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There is a sigil for Metatron given in the angelic pathworking in Evoking Eternity.


What method did you use @Fuego1?

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Tracing the letters off the Rose.

Here is a different one by removing E, A, and O…

Thanks @DarkestKnight … Will compare.

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Page 136 lower left corner in EE :slight_smile:

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Thank you…

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Speaking of it, I’m considering Metatron for a permanent invocation/possession (or maybe Shiva, for example)… perhaps after “normal” invocations of the other Sephirotic Angels… I’ll see which sigil I will choose, there’s also one I drew with the same method used for a few that I uploaded here.

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You’re welcome, my friend

Metatron’s cube may help you design something.
Its sacred geometry and is used for healing among other things.


@DarkestKnight, @Fuego1. Source: Tapatalk forum


Source BALG:


That’s the one given in Evoking Eternity


Right … What I don’t get is the left line loop, unless that rose he used has shifted petals which would be the A and E, or unless that loop is for Vav (O), where his name would be Metatroon instead of Metatron, or I’m missing something there.

Yeah the problem is, I got this from the cache of that forum and the image is really bad

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From the Tapatalk forum where that image was found:

"There are two reasons it is not popularly distributed as an ‘personal’ sigil…

[One]: The name “Metatron” is actually a title. The Metatron has at least 72 names & so it is essentially a sigil pertaining to the title. So when using this title to create the sigil, it definitely becomes less personal to the being Metatron. This would not matter so much with a seal, but sigils are usually used for invocation of the personality of an angel, more than his role.

Two: If you look at the method for making the sigil & try to trace it, you will see that it is a very complex pattern & doesn’t actually shape easily. So there is some argument as to whether or not this is the true shape.

you can see where the vowels are selectively omitted to create a simpler shape."


I see … Thanks for that. I know Metatron been referred to as The Greater Countenance, The Right Hand of God, and The Voice of God.

Most likely the same reason for different sigils for various archangels or even goetic beings.

I thought he had the David Star?

And have you worked with him?


Hey @Rav, No. It’s mostly because I stick to a few. But I will work with Michael and it started before Christmas.

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