Sigil concration

Is there anyone else on here that can remember when they just started out using sigils? I have used sigils before but usually by my creation. Concration is new to me. I have tried out a path working in the complete book of ea and I did feel some of the effects, like being brought in So to speak. Like my body gravitated toward the sigil. However, I am unsure if the sigil truly became open. Any guidance would be grateful. Thank you in advance!

If the operation was successful you should see an effect. Depends on the desired result you had in mind. For example, If you were trying to connect to a spirit, then the spirit should try to communicate with you.

I suggest that you assume it was successful and wait to see what happens next. Within a week or so. If nothing happens at all, you can do it again.

When I first used sigils I was confused about them, how they work, what should be done, is it done correctly or not… and that prevented them from doing anything. When I just used them as a tool, part of an entire process, and understood they can be replaced with another tool if needed. They started to work fine.

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Okay, thank you for your reply. I’ll wait to see what happens. By chance have you ever called upon more than one at a time? Spirit and or other I mean. I’m kinda on a dead line and need some things done pretty quickly.

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I’m trying to work with those out of the kingdom of flames.

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Great wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

I called more than one spirit, yes. It’s totally fine. But in my opinion, there should be some kind of connection between them. For example, two Demons, or a Demon and “his” Angel etc But it’s not a good idea, in my view, to call, for example Archangel Michael and Lucifer. Completely different in nature, even you want them for the same purpose or task. It’s not that they’re enemies like many would believe, but they’re just different in nature. The energy from them would be too powerful to be present at the same time.

If you have a deadline, I suggest you go for the most powerful spirit you can think of. Higher in rank, the better. And work with that spirit with absolute faith and confidence.

Keep in mind that those spirits do not work alone. They have legions, thousands/hundreds of spirits working under their command. When you call an Archangel or a High rank Demon, you’re actually calling an army of spirits.


May I ask which spirit in particular you are calling? I have worked with a lot of the spirits from that grimoire.

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I have contacted shemyaza. Those that I need to work with soon Lotir, lukorst, zadkal and abartala. This is just to start. I have a few more but I figured this was a good place to start. There are three more for sure after these mentioned that deal with vision, audio, and astral. I have abilities natrually already in these areas but would like to enhance them before I start evoking.

My situation is my boyfriend of 11 years and I are separating so we can try to work on our selves. We have a 4 year old together. We want to be together but it seems he has commitment issues. Nothing like there are other people involved, just he has had some childhood tramma from when his mother and father tried to kill themselves and we’re going threw a 7 year hitch. They are together now. And he was maybe 4 himself but he won’t talk about. He shuts down. Everytime it seems we’re are about to go further he backs off.
So within in all this I have till June to have a house for myself and our son. However I have credit debt in my way that would take up me being able to pay for this place and I can only turn in income from McDonald’s. I also clean my friends house for 200 a week under the table. So I need money or a fast way of taking care of this issue as well see about a place for the two of us. Friends and family are out of the pic I have my fur babies. Also my son is not in school yet and his daddy already works a salary position at a restaurant and has to have open availability. So I maybe work 4 or 5 hrs a day and then I have to take him into work and then I have kiddo.

I’m a bit strapped

What’s that?

Do you mean Consecration, concentration, or creation?

You should spell check yourself, so there is no misunderstandings.

Lol the second.


I mean consecration.

You can influence him by performing spirit evocation or spell casting. Evocation is easy and you’re doing well. All you need is to task the spirits and let them do it. Include a dead line for them if needed.

Other than that you can use daily practices to help you remain in a positive mindset, like visualization, mantra/affirmations and meditation. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.


Thank you for your reply and confirmation. This has helped a lot


You’re most welcome :blush: :v:

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Welcome @Glen. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONSarea, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Okay so the squares are not my best with working with the kingdom of flames. I want to try candle magic.

I’m not sure honesty what to do. I feel like after I did the grand conjuration of the retention of the spirits. I felt the energy then but I’m not sure of I conducted Lotir well enough. I mean all I did was ask for help, stated my other half’s name and my self. Then asked for her to help. I didn’t hear anything like I did when I contacted belial weeks back and he told me to work with amaymon. Of course this was before all this popped up with life. If there was at least communication I would feel better.