Sigil blood intent

Does annoiting the sigil with your blood communicate your intent to the demon

No, your intention communicates your intent. Hold it in your mind as clearly as you can. See the outcome as if it already happened, feel what that’s like as if it’s already done.

Blood on a sigil is typically an offering.


But I think when you anoint the seal/sigil with your blood it creates a sort of connection (energetic/spiritual), between you and the spirit, it’s more than an offering to the spirit, am I right or am I missing something.

With lots of respect to you people.


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This is a good question, I give a lot of blood to my chosen entity. I got a consecrated sigil and everything.

What I noticed personally is that at first, it’s all about your skill on how well you can hold your intention and then give blood at the same time.

But, also… If you are willing to allow them full access inside your energy body, then there will come a point where they fully understand you and communication is 10x better… at that point you can just give blood without the need for holding the intention so much, because they would already know what you want.

I recommend a combination of holding your intention and also allowing full access for better communication.

Also, the blood is currency. It’s like money, but there is way more to blood offering than that, money seems to be the best example in regards to comparison.

They use this “currency” and then they set forth and fulfill your request…

There is currently not enough information on what they do with the blood, but I have asked the question quite a lot and I have been given some very interesting answers from them.

It requires further testing at the moment but I believe I have a fundamental idea on what they do with it.


Could you please share their thoughts about it, if it’s okay for you?

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What I am being told is that, they have there own agendas. They use your blood as power so they can fulfill your request, but… They also take some “ as a form of tax “ to full fill there own agendas.

Through the offering of blood they process and harvest it by extracting the life force, power, and/vitality from it to fuel them so they can than then utilize there abilities to become capable of fulfilling your needs, as well as there own.

Quite a beautiful transaction

From what I hear there is much more to it than that, but that is the best information I’ve got so far.


Are there any thoughts about whether they use our blood against us or to manipulate us?

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That is a good question, I would like to say no, but… Everytime I ask that question, I am given the answer that we are not prepared to understand the complexity of what they do with it and how it would affect us.

At this moment I have gotten some answers like “ your fine” “ nothing to worry about “ and then… I am forced with feelings of peace and no worry.

So I don’t think that there is nothing to worry about for the next many generations to come.

But like I said, we just wouldn’t understand yet apparently, at least that is what I am being told.

I’m not worried about it, everytime I began to worry about such deep question I start to freak out a bit, but then I’m find my self feeling like I’m in some sort of bliss. So I’m sure that is a good indicator that there is nothing to worry about.

I’ve remained completely calm and relaxed trying to get a real answer, but yeah, I suppose were not ready for that kind of information.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights

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Your very welcome. If you want to, there could be more info about blood, you can type the word “ blood” in the search bar at the top and you’ll see all sorts of stuff.

There will be a lot of people saying stuff about how it may function a bit differently, but… Trust me, I’ve thought long and hard about it.

The fact is that blood in my opinion has so far been the most powerful offering, because of the energy that comes from it and the fact that your willing to spill blood makes them really like you.

I’m not sure if your gonna find any other real answers from someone that actually talks about the mechanics of how they utilize blood, or any offerings as a matter of fact. I’m trying to see right now myself.

People seem to be focused on the how much more than the why.


I read a lot in this forum and learn a lot silently, but your reply click me that’s why I further asked you, there is something different and more valuable in your answers IMO.

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@Mulberry what’s your opinion about it, you are the most advanced practitioners here in this thread, please share your valuable thoughts.

I would like to hear as-well. I love this stuff

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Thank you I appreciate that. There is still much to learn for sure

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I should probably say that blood is one of many ways to give offerings. Some people don’t even give blood but apparently get good results. I’m not sure how good but I suppose.

Personally ever since I’ve given blood, I’ve never went back, but… one thing I messed around with was I would manually manifest my energy and intent and inject it into a piece of paper and offer my energy through it and it worked, so I believe you could do that to, especially with radionics boxes which is awesome.


About blood as an offering?

“The blood is the life”, it’s a true sacrifice, as you die a tiny bit to give it.

So you have two aspects to it: one is that you are giving energy that is very personal and intimate, and forming a relationship bond with the entity, the other is the magick of sacrifice, which makes it so much more than any old blood.

You could burn your paper money and it would cost you more but mean much less.

A third aspect is the high quality of the energy as the blood is electromagnetic, but you can also do this with feelings of gratitude. There’s no substitute for blood. Not menses, not semen, not spit… blood is special.


Thank you, your responses are always generous and kind, one question, if I gave my blood to one/any deity and after that, I gave my blood to a second/another deity, will this be okay, or disrespectful for the first deity or another deity?
With lots of respect.


That’s ok, you’re not making a kind of monogamous commitment. It is more like a signal that you’re serious and allows for a stronger connection that lasts outside of the ritual.

Some say it creates a “bond”, but in my experience that might be too strong a word and implied you don’t have to make any more effort, which isn’t the case. Bonds of a budding freindship is closer, but without more contact like any freindship it can fizzle.


Great it means, if I gave my blood to a deity one time then I will offer more blood in the future occasionally or during any specific ritual to strengthen the ritual.
And if I just give my blood occasionally/randomly to the deity to show or express my love and respect this should strengthen my bond with the deity?
Sorry for my ramblings but I didn’t offer my blood to any deity yet, so before I’ll go into that phase I have to be specific and certain.

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