Side effects working with demons

Hello everyone ! I am new into magic and I am kinda skeptical when its coming to work with demons, and even with angels too. I am a Christian and yes, I was raised by the word of the church, even though I am not the best practicioner I have some idea about what demons are and that working magic rituals, according to the church, is a sin.

I passed already this idea of sinning and I feel attracted to magic because I am looking to do the things in my favour, not hurting anybody, just making my life easier if possible. I guess everybody is doing magic for this reason.

Now, my question is : is there any danger working with these entities ? I’ve read many posts where people were saying that demons dont request much in exchange for the favours they do but is that for real ? Somebody experienced told me that doing magic without having a master is dangerous and they can ruin your life for good…which I dont need. I am looking for honest answers from experienced practicioners…I thank you all, in advance !

Yes if you are a Christian… Demons are spirits who mirrors our shadow where our deepest fear lies which causes a negative psychic experience to some so intense that they screamed back to the church… Trying to bind them with Jehova names etc can cause them to be aggressive because they are defending themselves.

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I tried to look at some sigils and I had some dreams…I asked some demon for something and I dreamed saying that he can’t help even though it was his “speciality”. But there was nothing bad in it…it felt like I was awake. I didnt do the ritual, I just watched the sigil. Thats Why I wanted to know if its safe to continue with the ritual. Thank you !

In this case I agree with @Kristian … “what you fear is what you find”, your own subconscious will block you from working with these entities the way that others who have different mindsets about them do.

I would say you’re better off staying away from so-called “demons” and stick to church-approved saints and angels. Don’t even try the pantheons of other religions, including the Qlipphoth, they’re all demons and all verboten, you’re only allowed to work with yhwh.

So then you don’t work with demons directly, you get ywhw under various names to do it for you adding a layer of insulation. This is called “Solomonic magick”. Don’t use sigils from “evil” books, Christianity doesn’t really have magick of it’s own any more, Yeshuah the Nazarean (look up who the Nazarenes really were) taught from a position of a mystery school that was suppressed and not approved by current “Christian” churches who him into a death cult, so you would have to go back to Jewish magick in the Kabbalah.

But you are after all, a sheep and you have a shepherd you are supposed to follow, so you should talk to your local priest/vicar/pastor or whatever and follow his advice.

Yes. You’re rebelling and accepting that you are going to “sin”, but that very attitude that what you are doing is “bad” will trip you up. It won’t be the “demons” fault, you’ll do it to yourself.

But you should know that no magick is ‘safe’ it requires a level of personal responsibility and you’re supposed to give all that to the El called yhwh, who already told you not to talk to these things.

This is a conflict in energy and is at best likely to get in the way and block the magic so nothing happens, and at worst get cause problems by manifesting ugly and “evil” disasters caused by “the enemy”.

That’s why you have to come at it from an antagonistic viewpoint, you’re going in as if it’s a fight you’re not working WITH the entities but forcing them into submission not in your own name but in the various names of yhwh. For some reason this makes it ok and not at all hypocritical.

Your intention and what space your mind and heart are in is everything. It still works but you will need to put in much more effort on your protections, hence the ceremonial approach and the LBRP etc. You’re really only protecting yourself from your yourself, but it doesn’t matter if it works.

I would caution that if you’re only here because “the enemy” is tempting you away from the righteous path, you’re setting yourself up to fall, you could get very sick and in a year or few you’ll be repentant and worse off than you are now. So get a self righteous attitude on and that will help.

Good authors for this are Solomonic ones like Stephen skinner, books from the Golden Dawn, Damien Echols (see his youtube) and Israel Regardie.

  • Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts by Donald Michael Kraig

  • The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order by Israel Regardie and John Michael Greer


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Honestly, I would ignore all the anti-Christian nonsense like that spouted above. There is a huge anti-Christian bias on this forum. Christian magick is a real thing, and it is quite powerful. If you’re interested in working with the Goetia within a Christian paradigm, I highly recommend the Modern Goetic Grrimoire by Rufus Opus. He explains the proper hierarchy from the celestial down to the chthonic, and man’s place in between.


When I think about magic, I dont think that I am in sin…I know the church says it is but I dont care. I cant talk about magic with my pastor, no way. He will think of me being a creep, you know…In my youth, I studied school for becoming a priest, I finnished my studies but I didnt follow this path. I have a good relationship with some pastors and talking about this would make them go crazy. I thought about magic because I feed up praying…and nobody listens. At least I dont feel everything goes my way or it goes too damn slow. In some cases, it doesn’t go at all.
I dont know if I Well understand, Solomonic magic is safer for me to do, do you advise me to try it ? Thank you !