Sick Pet

My cat has been sick for a bit. He seemed to be getting better for a few days, but quickly got worse again. It started off with him being lethargic and not wanting to play- out of fear we took him to the vet where they said he was running a fever, his gums were white, his spleen was enlarged, and his red blood cell count was low. He stayed overnight for a couple days on IV and vitamins and medication.

Now he’s back to staying another night after being home for 10 days, but this time his body temperature was low. His spleen was still enlarged and his red blood cell count was “non existent” (in the vets exact choice of words) He’s only 8 months old and I’m so worried for him. Is there anything I can do spiritually/magically to help heal him faster? Tips/advice/personal stories are very much appreciated!

Wow, you’re the third person to post about a sick cat in the last two weeks.

Try this:


Wow that is pretty strange I wish all those other cats get better too… Thanks so much for the reply!

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Just to give a little update! I ended up praying to Bastet and I think I got results from that! The vet called expecting to give us bad news but said he did a full 180 overnight. His temperature was back to normal, he was eating and drinking a lot too. His tests for Leukemia and AIDS came back negative. They’re not exactly sure what he has but they’re treating him as they would for a tick born illness. He has to stay on a heating pad and take steroids and vitamins but he’s doing super well now!


I may star Praying to Bastet to make one of my kittens behave :eyes:

But I’ll pray for your little one too my friend, crazy cat guys UNITE!


Thanks so much! We really don’t deserve cats they’re so precious. I have a female cat named Luna and shes getting more aggressive by the day maybe I’ll try that too to make her behave.

The clan
Black - Kubo
Black and white- Sensei
Peach grey - Ponyo
Black ginger - Porko
Bengali - Doja

Cats are just love, best pets ever

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They’re sooo cute


Here’s mine! First is Luna, second is October (the sick one), and lastly Artemis! Artemis has no tail

I am starting to get a little worried.

Do you think something may be happening?

Nothing new is happening, I just think there’s something to be said about it.

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Last update: He collapsed and was struggling to breathe. He was turning yellow. Sadly, we had to put him down. The fact that you could see the light leave his eyes killed me.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s always hard losing a loved one.

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I’m sorry to hear you lost him. My condolences.

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Thank you. It’s very hard. Today is my little sisters birthday too. In 2017 my first cat died on my moms birthday.

My cat Artemis doesn’t understand what’s happening. He loved him so much.

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They know. They feel the loss just as we do.

A friend of mine recently had to put one of her ladies down after 22 years. The other beautiful lady still looks for her sister each day, though it has been over a month now.

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That’s so sad:(

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They were together for 22 years, and rarely ever separated, except after a fire that traumatised them both. It’s going to be hard for her to go on without her sister, especially considering she is in the upper reaches of age for a kitty. There are humans that give up once their spouse has passed on, and soon follow them, so I fear my friend may be in for another heartbreak soon.


The vet told me my cat acted like he had poisoned. I thought about it and remembered a cat food that made both of my cats sick a couple months ago. I believe this food killed my cat. Because over time since I fed him that food (I stopped immediately after they got sick) his health continued to decline. I’m not sure what to do with this information or what course of action to take from here. Especially since it’s a major cat food brand.