Shrine room

Hello everyone. Ive recently been guided to turn my second bedroom into a shrine/place of worship/magik. I like to believe i do a lot of work with Lucifer and Belial respectively, i have each of their sigils tattooed on different forearms that i offered as a offering to both of them.

I feel ive most recently been guided by them to sanctify a place in my home to honor them so that they may continue to help me on my quest to fulfillment. Basically im looking for ideas on what i should put in the room/what would make them happy and more willing to help me on my journey.

Pentagram? A nice desk? Maybe some candles or hippy rocks(lol)?

Also can someone give me a scan?

Well since they are your guides I’d honestly call on them both and ask for their input/thoughts in this…

Other then that’s I’d do a Ed and black themed room black and red curtains for starters

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I think they want a big ole pentagram painted or chalked on the floor, though i am not certain. They led me here to ask some of you. I have a lot of experience with them speaking through others, and have found much good fortune when trusting others who were knowingly or unknowingly being channeled by them


I’ll try… something about sigils carved into an alter either that you have or don’t have they like the idea of black and red… pentagram flooring…a very special and specific candle holder when I close my eyes it looks good something about a storage bin or file or …a place to keep papers I’m pretty sure. One of them wants you to write them something…so I closed my eyes again I can see exactly how it may look…a like banner of some sort on the alter red black and gold colors through out the room a book shelf (pretty sure that’s what they meant not a file cabinet lol) and a few other items I think it will look good honestly makes me want one

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Theres literally only one piece of furniture in the room at this time and its a wooden dresser. Its like a file cabinet and bookshelf lol

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