Shout out to Jupiter

So, I called out to Jupiter on 9/13 and did a ritual I designed myself based off another members gnosis of Norse runes. If I could remember them I’d be giving them props. I asked for some cash to help me be more stable in my life until I get my business profitable enough to quit my job. To be able to sustain myself enough to finally get out my mom’s(divorce/separation situation), get a roommate and be able to get an apartment. 10 days later at work, my hiring manager walks up to me out of nowhere and says “how does a dollar more an hour sound?” I got a fuckin raise I wasn’t supposed to get until the end of the year! Then, this Sunday the matradee at work pulls the filter open on a coffee machine over my hand and I end up in the hospital with 2nd degree burns on my finger. While in the hospital the owner of a company I’m trying to get as a client for my custom soap messages me and says my soap is amazing and perfect for his customers.

Recognition on the forums is part of the offering for him and I always come through. Thank you Jupiter and the blessings I’ve attained through you.


Jupiter/Zeus truly is awesome. :slight_smile:

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Its good to hear that it worked out for you :slight_smile:

What link you used for jupiter??
Sigil, image, kamea or something else??

I used a box with Jupiter’s planetary symbol on the inside lid and sowilo on the four outside walls plus the triangle with a circle in it for the candle placement. Also channeled fehu during the ritual.

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The burn part - ouch! I’d next time ask with no harm done to me or anyone to get the money. But glad it worked out. I haven’t used Jupiter much.

That topic and this one is what inspired me to do my ritual the way I did