Should I tell truth to parents

We don’t also have occult stores

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Same. Broadly speaking though, you would rarely need them. Especially for evocation and chaos magick. Interestingly enough, you will be able to work with spirits to get hella $$$ and materials once you make contact with them, so this should be a pretty temporary issue.

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Thank u for giving suggestion I am now felling better. Hella, I don’t need money

The magickal coming out…I’m gonna go with NO don’t tell 'em.

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Use your best judgement. If you think you’re in for a fight practice in secret until you’re out of the house. No sense in burning bridges while you’re standing on them, or at all if you don’t have to.

I never have because it would make my mom cry.


It is your call. I would recommend weighing out the pros and cons before making a decision. Acting rashly could really put you in a bad spot, as religious beliefs can be a sensitive subject.

The only reason I did was because my parents were pushing me to make commitments I could not keep when they did not understand why I left the faith. Did not stop the infighting for other reasons for nearly a decade, but that subject has never came back up.


Just tell them you want to work deeply with hindu gods

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As others have said, you don’t need tools to do magick, things you find or that come into your life by chance will work.

Check this as well:


I would use this as your outlet if you’re feeling the urge to talk or have a sense of community. Hang out at local occult bookshops and join their workshops and classes.

I wouldn’t tell your friends or family because you are just setting yourself up for unnecessary consequences and attention that will hinder your spiritual progress.

If that was true I wouldn’t be able to summon Azazel,Lucifer,Bael,Asmodeus,Vapula,Andrealphus,Lucifuge and recently Odin,his familiars and the norse fates in our temple. I use the temple for my rites due to many reasons but usually nothing much happens.

Which city you from? I’m pretty sure atleast one store in Kolkata sells Sigil Amulets of demons,Evocation Circles and Scrying balls and mirrors.

Imo the only reason to tell anyone and especially your parents especially as a minor, is if you’re absolutely certain they will accept it. Telling them won’t make anything better, but they will most likely make your life even harder than you think it is now.


My father suspects about my practices and gives me lectures about cons of black magic every moment he gets.


My mom also suspects, but she’s not really saying anything. From the other hand she also made some love spells when she was younger. Though its “devil’s things”. She also knows about card readings and that’s because she’s also an oracle, she’s the one who taught me from a young age. Even so I’m not going to openly admit anything to her, because I want my peace and because I know her limits. And I’m not even a minor anymore for a long looong time now.

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As a use to be christian myself I’m in a the same predicament. The old school evil reputation of black magic doesn’t help. Regardless. The christian stuff is all about slavery. I signed up to this journey for freedom; power and everything that’s good.

Might as well remember that some people are slaves that drink jesus blood. So listen to freedom instead of slaves. jesus was accused of using Beelzebub … he did not EXACTLY DENY IT!!!

Where is your loyalty …: yourself and pursuit of freedom or slaves. That’s my own attitude to all the christian slaves I need to ignore. I know there’s real benefits with black magic but the slave religion doesn’t even work. They sin ( cathlics are famously peodos) That jesus blood doesn’t even work AND I know why.

My loyalty: ASTORAH

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You can always use a flashlight instead of candles. It can really help with the lighting and I have seen some that flicker. (I use an old flashlight.) Of course a flashlight doesn’t have all the benefits of candles, but again for offerings there are other things that can be used. Actually, in your case living with parents I would suggest you not get too attached to tools. Sure, they can be good, symbols, scrying surfaces or whatever, but remember a mom could go through a drawer and throw stuff away on a whim.

Tell them only that you have Found God in your own way trust in the spirits to protect you, keep much sacred and guard it within. Give only a little show with your actions how it makes you better. They cant refute truth. Always speak truth. Mediate Balance and know that all will happen as it should. If your honestly feeling anxious about practicing in your own home, and if telling them will help do so otherwise. Maybe the spirits want you to Isolate from them instead. Meditate Write. You don’t have to tell them what your doing with your Magick if you choose. You could just tell them your practicing Solomons Magick instead lol

Its your decision, I haven’t told mine :wink:

Are they Christian?