Should I tell truth to parents

How can i convince my parents that i am practicing magic.should I tell them. Because hiding is very hard. What if they kept eye on me and never let me practice magic.


‘Keep Silent’ is there for a reason.

If outing yourself will put you in danger, or make your situation uncomfortable, I would not. Think VERY carefully who you tell, why you tell them, and what their viewpoint is beforehand. There have been a lot of posts on here about people having tragic results after telling someone close to them that they practice. Just a word of caution. It really is nobodies business imo.


That’s totally up to you. But ask yourself what you are trying to achieve by giving them this information.

Worst case scenario they take you to a priest and try to get you exorcised.

Best case scenario they’re like “ok dear, sure, carry on”.

In my mind magickal practice is the same as religion. If you have a group of like-minded people you can talk to (e.g. this forum) then lean on them. Otherwise there is no need to broadcast your personal beliefs, especially when it’s very likely that people are going to view you negatively to a greater or lesser degree when you tell them.

I personally choose not to discuss what I do with anyone in my life, even people I know would be completely open and non-judgemental about it.


I am trying to tell my mother she is trust me but I still have hesitation.

Sounds like a great way to get your drawers searched every time you leave your room

Trust me on this one


Sorry I am a hindu. My parents believe that no demon can come passing in house due to temple inside house.

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Trusted, great suggestion

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So I always practice witch craft in a cave room.

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But I don’t have money to get items

A good way to “test the waters” would be to ask your oldies about any supernatural past experiences and beliefs, youll be able to get a decent glimpse regarding their attitude towards it. Works for a lot of stuff, from the lgbt to magick to what have you. Just try not to make it too obvious


Actually they can allow me if i am trying for divinity. But not dark practice.

We still we have lot of stories of possessions near my house.

Thats actually pretty cool-
Divination will serve you well even with darker stuff, so you might as well get started with a tarot deck and some runes

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Actually it would be great if we became friends

I’ll definitely tell them then

If your parents have set up a temple to protect against demons, then they probably will not like it if you tell them you are practicing dark magic.

Like @Reach said it might be good to ask your parents about their experiences with the supernatural to see how they will react.

You also made another thread saying you have no money to practice magic. As someone else mentioned in that thread, you do not need any money or tools to practice magic. Not even candles.

But you could think about asking your parents for supplies (e.g. candles) and say it is for white magic. But that depends on whether you want to lie to your parents or not.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Candles are not so popular in my area.

Can I use something else.

I can only order something through online. And that’s not possible

You can use white candles as a substitute for literally any candle color. Otherwise, even colored ink or powder could technically work a lot of the time, or even just visualizing it all. Id caution against ordering stuff online from abroad in india as import charges are mad. Dont remember the exact figure but its pretty high