Should i put a spell on someone for playing games with me

One day this person is hot then the next cold . Playing with my emotions . Im considering a spell but would like some input . Any advice or suggeations appreciated , thanks .
if yes what kind of spell .

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What kind of spell are we talking about here ?
Curse or love spell ?


It would be less effort to just ditch them and get on with your life.


That’s up to you. We cannot take a decision for you, members can tell you how to do but not to do it or not. Do what makes you feel better for the long term, always think about consequences on the other person and on yourself. One day you can be mad at him and the other day don’t give a shit.


I would take this as a learning lesson. You need to be able to control your emotions 100%. If someone is able to play with them so to speak And I would focus on finding the chink in my armor.


The best kinda spell is where you bury them in your mind and move on.


I was think love /attraction spell . To bring her to me . I dont want to harm her with a curse . The thing is , we have both expressed alot of interest in each other. I dont get what her deal is . One day were super hot on each ither then all of a sudden shes ghost . Gone. No response . A big part of me needs to do slme magic and get a positive result to build my faith in my own abilities . Thanks for your response too . I appreciate it


I agree with you , but at the same time how can i build a connection with soneone if i dont let them in. I have to let my emotions open up to her in order to grow together . I want to do that . Maybe shes nkt the right one . And when i open up my heart , and invest , then its taken for granted and i feel like im being used or disrespected i feel hurt . Thats part of being human . Having emotions .


Do what you want really no one can dictate what you do with your will and energy. They can only suggest using their own moral code or view of it (like some believe in the 3-fold law so it only applies to them, same with forms of karma)


… i believe shes leading me on or just playing with my emotions .

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Maybe true , but id rather not right now , in this case .

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I understand, and as many previous people have already pointed out it’s just my point of you and how I deal with things it’s not for everybody. It’s a double edge sword my friend. Do you want to be a genuine person and let someone in and share your emotions however when that person doesn’t reciprocate the way you want that you feel the need to control the situation and make it happen. Those two things seem to contradict for me . But at the end of the day it’s your life and you have to decide what’s best for you.


That does make sense …


I have been faced with the same issue. I was thinking of punishing him because he made me very angry. Then I sat, relaxed and asked myself what exactly my wish was. And it was that he stop treating me like this and I fokused on the exact way I wanted to be treated. And did a love work which gave me a good result. I guess you should do exactly what your wish is without fearing that this might be impossible. If you really want revenge - I’d say go for it. If you want her to change - change her. Good luck!

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My take on this: Have more respect for yourself. You could try and have a good talk with her, and ask her why she feels so distant on those days. That you really like her, but if this continues you will break contact.

You need to respect yourself. You don’t want a ‘lover’ that doesn’t treat you with respect and love.

My advice would be to just work on yourself, perhaps ask guidance from a god/demon, and when your self confidence grows and your self-respect improves, you will attract women that are good for you, that respect you, and that will support and help you in your path/journey, and help you grow spiritually… A lot in life is a mirror. You attract what you send out. If you don’t respect yourself, you’ll attract women that also won’t respect you, etc…

Good luck!


Hi! Just from the very limited understanding of the situation here is my humble personal opinion, I hope it gives you some food for thought. I do align with a lot of the other comments that have been made prior to mine, so this may sound repetitive. Only you can walk your path and intuitively know what is right for you. From the outside looking in with limited understanding, it’s time to move on. I promise that love is not what you describe nor is it a good way to feel at the start of a relationship. Everyone wants that one true love and that ultimate soulmate or twin flame, I mean who wouldn’t! No relationship is without its challenges and no love is without pain; however, being toyed with is not what anyone deserves or needs in their lives. Everyone we meet is a lesson, in my opinion. Every relationship we have, be it friends, lovers, long-term, short-term, hook-ups and etc are brought to us to learn a lesson and push us on our path. Some of us need to learn the same lessons over and over because of who we are inherently. But, I do believe if you are even asking this question, you know the answer in your soul. I would walk away, would it be me in the situation. I don’t say this lightly or with ill will. I say it because sometimes we cannot see things in front of us as easily as others who are strangers to the situation. A spell can fix your problem, but can you be truly happy knowing that you had to put a spell on her to stay or treat you right? This is the question you have to answer, my friend.

If you do go down the road of a spell and you are not experienced in this type of magick, remember that without proper knowledge and understanding that this can backfire in a not so pleasant way. I wish you well.


In regards to life, I would advise not putting a spell on someone who may or may not be leading you on.

Instead of a spell, you must communicate with them. Understand them. We don’t always know what goes on in the inner-inner soul of another.

Learn to control your emotional health. For you cannot be powerful until you learn to be grounded.


Put a love spell on someone new in your life that you’re attracted to - I’d say yes. But if someone had been toying you, knowing your feelings towards him then I’d say banish him . Let them have it. Don’t ask me where I learned it. I have shared my story being toyed in another post.


For me, the best course of action would be to work on you emotional control so that you won’t feel enraged or hurt when someone plays with your emotions, as such feelings can affect your concentration and the effectiveness of your spells. Just like the person above me said, i suppose putting a love spell on someone who doesn’t treat you with respect isn’t something i would do. But well… In the end the decision is ultimately yours.


agreeing to my Bro Banjax there.

you probably want to cast a spell anyways,

First you got to understand,
what motivates that behavior towards you.

And that,
quite frankly,
is manipulation.

The “person”,
is currently framing you,
to make you submit to their needs and desires.

yes there is a spell,
you should place.

You can basically choose between a “let me alone” spell,
which might be the more useful option for the long run,
and definitely is the more reasonable.

For the “let me alone spell”,
take a picture of the “person”,
and simply write on it’s back “get away from me, and leave me the heck alone”,
then cross out the letters which are vowels,
and the double letters of those which are left,
and turn the rest of the letters into a sigil,
which you then charge. (ideally with urine and feasis,
but you could use other repellant energies aswell).

before that,
you probably want to have your own fun,
as far as i’ve understood.

For that,
you’ll need a Domination spell.

You take a Picture of the person,
along with something that personally belongs to them,
and scream into the eyes of that person:

You have no right,
to manipulate me,
nor to fool around with me.

For having attempted to do so,
you shall now recieve all of my words,
as clear and undeniable orders!
Submitt to me!
Crumble before me!
and obey my very wish,
as your command!

pin the personal item with needles onto the Picture,
and have it contained safely in a black box.
Make sure,
to put along the picture and the personal item,
into the box:

a knot of Garlic.
a little piece of rotten meat.(not bigger then a tea spoon)
some graveyard dirt.
a little glass, filled with honey.
an old shoe, you’re not using anymore.
It must be one,
only you have worn.
No previous owners please,
that’d destroy the spell.

the Picture should be placed under the sole of the shoe,
and the rest of the items (garlic, rotten meat and graveyard dirt) under the picture,
the little glass of honey,
goes inside the shoe.

Once you’ve combined those items,
you’ll want to conjure either a Loa,
or a Demon,
associated to Domination,
to your aid,
and ask him to possess the items in the box,
in order to empower them,
and increase the potency of your spell.

Be aware:

This spell,
once you’ve added those steps,
and called the spirit to aid you in fulfilling it,
will work out,
and the “person”
will become very obviously enslaved by you.

It may fight against the enslavement to some degree,
but will only grow more controled by doing so.

Whenever you want to make that person do something very specifically,
which you don’t want any resistance on,
apply a little dot of the honey out of the shoe,
to the spot below your ears,
where your chin starts,
and to the centre under your bottom lip.

Only those three spots.
No where else.

Before giving the command
or speaking to the person.

  • Note:
    I take no responsability for your actions there.

I merely explained you how to do it.
That’s it.

All moral concerns,
and obligations,
are down to your own decision.

Now a quick note,
on why i wrote it this way:

and you’re about to buy her some nice fancy things,
and watch her come back home from a holiday she unfortunately had to spend with your best friend,
because you were so busy working your ass of to pay the tickets they used to fly.

Fuck that shit,
i can smell it up here,
that she’s gaming you.

In fact you thinking that,
is a sign of her success in framing you.

As written above.

Now lastly;
I had only read your initial post when i wrote the upper section.

This stuff here,
just confirmed that my understanding of the situation was correct.

Not so much for you guys,
but simply as a little check for myself,
wether i went to far,
or if i’m actually giving good advice.

Guess it’s clear by now. :grin:

The spell i wrote is not a love spell,
but a submission spell.
because she’s never really offered you love.

She’s used her attractiveness,
and your hornyness,
to buy you in,
as a cheap servant,
to fulfill her needs.

the tide is turned,
if you go along with the spell,
and utilize it.

stick to what Banjax said right at the beginning.

Leave the fuck away from her,
as far as you can get.
Or make her do so.
Explained you how.

If you try to cast a love spell on her,
with roses,
and stuff,
good luck,
i can already see it from here,
that that’s not going to work out in your favor.

But heck,
you can try,
and report back to me,
in a few month,
how badly she screwed you over!^^ :stuck_out_tongue: