Sharing spells from my personal book of shadows!

I have quite a large collection of spells and rituals. Most of which I know haven’t been seen by manypeople if at all. So I’m cracking open my book of shadows to all of you!
Drop what kind of spell you need and a short description of why and if I have a spell for it I’ll post it.


Ooo. Do you have any love spells? I tend to use my own and they work just fine, but Its always interesting to use spells/rituals made by other people.


Potion for Pink Magic:
Mix and boil together: olive oil,peach juice,sugar,rose petals,rose water,dandelion flower and root.
Think of the one you love when mixing and pour that emotion in when stiring. Place in a beautiful bowl and set anywhere you like for up to 20 days.

I have others as well let me know if you want them


Hmm. Snow. I’d be interested in anything you have for creating snow storms.

Thunderstorms are no issue for me, summoning or redirecting, but the times I’ve tried for snow it didn’t quite reach my area :roll_eyes: .


Potions are always fun :sunglasses:

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If you like potions here is the one you want :grin:
Potion for cold magic:
Mix together and place in the freezer for up to 30 days.

Water,banana peel,pine needles,oak bark

Not much of this is needed. While mixing you must focus intensely on what you want to freeze. It also works for “freezing” things in your life,but should only be used for things that you like in your life. You don’t want to freeze depression or something like that.

Try combining your rainfall ritual :grin:


Okay, I’ll bite.

How to summon incredibly devastatingly powerful thunderstorms here in Phoenix Arizona.


You’ve used this before?

@Unknown_Occultist You know it’s odd,but I don’t have any specifically for thunderstorms. I do however have a couple spells that have rainand thunder as a side effect.:joy:


There will be powerful thunderstorms in Phoenix soon.

Do you have anything to remotely destroy poppets? @ObsidianWarrior


@JezebelleMoon Yeah I used it to keep a girlfriend around once. TERRIBLE idea. I didn’t really realize that I wasn’t as in love as I had thought and breaking that damn spell was a pain in the ass!:rofl:


@anon59886753 You mean such as hoodoo poppets? You want it physically destroyed,the power taken away or for it to backfire?

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Stripping the power might work best here since this is someone close who lost their damn senses, and I don’t want to harm them.

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Uh oh. Always divine before casting :joy:


Incantation to remove Negative energy/black magic:
Usaranesh (Ooo-sah-rah-nesh)
Chant while focusing on the poppet until you feel a “pop”


Thank you.

@JezebelleMoon :laughing: yeah! Especially since most of my potions are fae magic and that’s very temperamental stuff.


@anon59886753 No problems!

People commonly search for spells to bring prosperity and good luck. Got anything for the folks on these issues?


Spell for Abundance:
Great abundance is yours. Like a river it flows. Speak these words and watch it grow. First it will trickle then it will pour. Speak them again whenever it slows. Remember that which I speak shall be.

“Bars hut pre su na neesh va tra
Ubelechspi pra u vra sta u nit perva
Klu bechspi minureesh tra u vaa
Sta ubelvich pelushvi stel avra vaa
Bersh vel es vi trua vu vi
Krenu spaau ratvi kelesh varnu
Bruach vaar ures ple hus vasarvir
Kre usnat pel uchvi verblas plasavur”