Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked

Honestly, I don’t know. He started dating someone else but by the time that he did, I was no longer interested. I’d seen the relationship and the dynamic between us through clearer eyes by then and it was more a matter of feeling sorry for the next woman he got with than trying to win him back myself. There was a brief period that I threw myself into studying magic and didn’t date, then I tried a spell to get another boyfriend, and it worked. This was all within the space of about 6 months so even though it felt like forever at 17, at 43 that seems like a decent turnaround time.

I never try to get exes back anymore. I can see why someone might especially if there are children involved. But to me, most of the time, it’s just not worth it, and you probably broke up for a good reason. I have better results with doing shadow work between relationships, and doing magic to meet other people.


Closing this 10th Dec, it seems to be getting derailed almost constantly now and has plenty of excellent ideas posted above.

If anyone wishes to add a success story that details the method they used, please PM me. :+1:


Link to a success story with comprehensive details: