Share a little poem "The Necromancer"

Hi guys, I’m new around here. I just wanted to share a poem which is part of a book I wrote taht no one is reading and I don’t want it to be wasted.

I hope that you guys as fellow black magicians can relate and appreciate.


Why do you judge me just for walking among the dead?

Why do you fear me and think the world needs to be defended from me?

Do you consider yourself a guardian of life?

For I know Death and its realms, I understand what it means to be alive.

For I befriended Death, I’m not afraid to live.

It is because of the whispers of the ghosts that I learned respect for what lies hidden in a human heart.

It’s because of my offerings on the graves that I wouldn’t hurt a life.

How do you want me to believe you defend life when you haven’t grasped the most basic aspect of its nature: it’s not eternal.

If you knew it, I could see it.

If you knew it, I would see you throwing away whatever is in your hands.

Just because it would slow down your feet while you run to hug your loved ones,

and while you run, I would see you trying to treasure every single hard breath that goes into your lungs while your body struggles to keep the speed of your race;

If you knew it, the sole idea of disturbing any existence in the slightest would become for you the new meaning of the word ‘profanation’.

Because you would understand that that life you now consider so inferior will come to an end, as well as yours,

So, you who judge.

You, who stop walking your path to spit on mine,

Please, come into my temple and break the skulls.

Feel free to tear off the black mantle that covers my altar.

And tell us if, in the end, that made you live forever.


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Thank you for sharing a meaningful and beautiful poem that reminded me of some memories while reading it. I appreciate your wonderful and perfect sharing. It was nice to recall some of my memories! Here are a few lines I wrote about my past life;

In lands afar where battles raged,
A sovereign’s might, a story staged,
With every clash, they seized the day,
Their acrid path, in victories lay.

Through fields of strife, they marched ahead,
A crown upon a fearless head,
Yet tears unseen adorned their nights,
A ruler’s burden, hidden from lights.

In glory’s guise, they stood unmatched,
A realm of conquests, destinies attached,
But in the heart, a somber throne,
A monarch’s solitude, struggles known.

Oh, tales adorned with triumph’s gleam,
A ruler’s life, a complex dream,
In victories won, and losses felt,
An epic saga, history spelt.