Which Demons help you Shapeshift … Any recommendations ???

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Depends what you want to shape shift into…search on here a post called “becoming a wolf” by the author @C.Kendall.
Not only does his post go into deep detail about the man th different stages and steps or types of transforming you intend on doing, usually people connect individually to different types of spirit animals that are in the nature and flow of the cureent of the personal energy or affiliations towards certain entities as we evolve as an individual over time, so without me pontificating anymore , my advice first would be search and discover what type of creature or entity orwhatever the intended morph entity is yours…or rather you…dig homie?

I don’t want to be a wolf. Nothing like that. I want to grow my penis size from 8 to 12 inches. Ive used visualization and concentration during sex to partially increase my size, but I really want to stretch my girlfriend out and put a ridiculous grin on her face. I achieved 12 inch status once during my early twenties just before fucking a girl but havnt repeated that feat since …

I wish mine was 8 inches…

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I love how men feel a woman who’s most likely never been stretched to deal with 12 inches will be grinning from ear to ear at having it done all at once.

Ya no.
More like a grimace of pain and “get the fuck off me”.
It has to be gradual or its nothing but agonizing pain. Do you think women love how much they get stretched out during child birth?

There is a thread on this however and it has some really interesting ways to gradually increase AND keep it.

Hope this helps!

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Yah no. That’s what I meant Gradually. I wasn’t meaning all at once. That would cause shock. I want to cause pleasure not inflict pain. I appreciate the womans perspective on this subject. Thank you very much.

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It’s not the size of the boat, mate, it’s the motion in the ocean.



Ha ha YESSSSS !!! Hoooo Hahhhh Lol

12 inches with girth sounds pretty fabulous and everything but you can pretty much say goodbye to Anal… LoL
You could maybe try Sagatana.
He’s known to teach you how to be a better lover. :wink::wink::wink::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Thank you. I havnt worked with Sagatana. All help is appreciated. I just want to make my penis whuge upon command and then normal size at other times . Im very thick and my girlfriend prefers thickness over length … Go figure LOL

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I love when people name drop spirits we never heard of :heart_eyes:

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Yeah I was wondering about that myself … But there are untold spirits out there. I bet LUCIFER could shape shift a penis while inside a vagina with his hands tied behind his back lol. Had some good work with Frimost this week. That’s gonna squeel with delight !!!

His name is also spelled Sargatanas. I’ve really only learned of him a little over a month or so and have never worked with him. Just came across him in my studies. There’s some information on the web about him and only a few references here on BALG.

Sargatanas is directly under Astaroth’s command. He can open all locks and transport anyone anywhere through astral projection.
He confers invisibility and bestows skill at lovemaking.
His subordinate Demons are: Loray, Valefar and Foraii.”

I’m not sure just how accurate the above information is but everything I read about this particular spirit is pretty much what’s above. Just trying to be helpful.

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Thank You That’s Awesome !!!

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Nice and I’ve heard Astaroth is good in love matters, might be worth checking :slight_smile:

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