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This next section is using the power of the sun.

Do not substitute it for the black sun, it needs to be the sun of sorath, the alchemical power of the sun can remove memory of an object to leave it as a blank template to change it into the next object.

In this section you will be calling on sorath the sun demon to remove all spiritual memory of your human self.

First you must alchemically change your surroundings and self into the essence of the sun.

So face the south, vibrate the rune
" SOWILO ", as you do this feel the temperature of the room and yourself rising.

With a couple repetitions of the rune as mantra visualise orange particles filled with solar fire all around you.

Inhale deeply and feel them enter you and feel your surroundings double in the amount of fiery particles.

Now go on one knee facing the south and say " I call the powers of the sun to rise within and without, above and below ignite me and this temple ".

Now visualise a miniature sun, in the south emanate Its power, extend your arms and visualise your aura with each inhalation you pull In the suns power.

Now visualise your solar plexus, and say

" I rouse the power of the solar spectrum within, I am the solar flares, I am all the spectrums of the sun, I burn and consume, but I shall not burn or consume myself, I am the core of the sun and I shall be ignited ".

Now visualise your solar plexus erupt just like a volcano, visualise your blood become magma, your hair become solar flares, your skin becomes pure fire, your eyes are miniature suns and your aura is a solar blaze.

Inhale feel your blood boiling, your vibrations vibrating of the chart, your power becomes incredible.

Inhale deeply hold that breath in your chest, feel your breath is solar currents of power that could melt planets and with a large exhale, ignite your temple on fire.

Now say this summoning.

Have soraths sigil and place upon it blood and scry into it.

" Sorath I call you forth
He who incinerates worlds
And He who gives life unto man
He who is neither benevolent
Neither malevolent,
Sorath he liquidifys worlds
Come sorath, the immortal god
Who is both feared and worshipped
, take me into your fire, cast me into
Your furnace white and gold
And ignite me with the fires
That burns not, that consumes not
Sorath come, sorath come, I am a blaze
I am the sun, come now sorath,
I both summon and invoke you,
Enter my fleshy temple
And incinerate me of all that I am,
So I may be remolded in your furnace
Sorath ignite me, sorath remove me from myself ".

Feel Sorath begin to burn you, as you are completely burnt away visualise yourself rise from the core of the sun, but visualise you rise only as your wolf or Lich rise as the being you wish to become not the being you already are.

And stand there and say

" I AM ( species ) ".

The " I am " is powerful In itself and now

" sorath I thank thee, so it is done ".

Then focus on your body and begin to visualise what it would be like to shapeshift into your desired form.

This creates a alchemical effect, you have now incarved a memory of your desired self on to this blank template.

You may even wish to morph your aura and chakras again for maximum result.


@C.Kendall Can it be another flame related Demon that you trust more or does it have to be Sorath?


I would say sorath, this was inspired to me by watching, ea koettings video on it.

Sorath is a fucking force to be wreckoned with, he doesn’t care if he helps or destroys you he is entirely all spectrums of the sun.

I honestly wouldn’t change him in this rite as his power is almost omnipotent, I have used all solar beings and no other being comes as close to his power.

He’s even known as Surt in the Norse he who destroys all of existence, his power is the needed catalyst in the alchemical process.


@C.Kendall I am terrified of Sorath though. If I am to get burned I would rather it be by a being I know and trust.


In most older texts i have found relating to planetary evocation he is known as the spirit of the sun so makes sense to call him for a massive solar rite.


Correcty brother plus, @TheStorm don’t be terrified, if you approach him with respect then you want be destroyed.


@C.Kendall So I really can’t replace then? I really don’t want to do this.


Why may i ask? As @C.Kendall said approach with respect. Work through the fear. From what i have experienced when terror encroaches upon you regarding magick the greater the terror the greater the potential for growth.

This is why i worked with zohak,ahriman when i started on the path of smoke BECAUSE they terrified the fuck out of me. Same reason i am working with Az-jahi and the druj nasu now. And i have grown Alot in 6 months.

Risks versus results. You have to decide if it worth the risks


@Dinmiatus [quote=“Dinmiatus, post:232, topic:18907”]
Why may i ask?
For a lot of reasons. This is just not something I want to do with a being who I don’t know and who has a reputation for messing up lives.


This risk is inherent in most magick geared towards major change though. Just some more than others.


@Dinmiatus Yes. As I said above though I would rather be burned by someone I trust (and there are quite a few) than by a being I’ve never met, and is indifferent towards my best interests.


Can I do this even though I have not participated in the other rituals?
I really wanna do this…


Of course you’re more than welcome sister.


Thanks :smiley_cat:


@TheStorm I would suggest you don’t continue on with the path then, as this is a must needed component and by replacing sorath, you will not have the correct alchemical transaction of memory, so I would suggest either getting to know this beast first.

Or move on and not continue in this path, as much as I don’t want to see you go, if you want results sometimes you have to take the leap.


No problem goodluck Zeela.



While I’m not scared of him I’m in a pathworking with morrigan. I can’t just leave that. Can Morrigan, as a shapeshifter work effectively in this?


Yeah don’t worry just ask her permission, I had a intense pathworking with azazel and if needed he would allow me to interact with another spirit for a certain task.

As you understand she’s an understanding spirit.


This is true.