Shapeshifting Group


I look forward to it.


So recently I entered my lycan form and something unique happened. I observed the look of the form but it was different and how it felt was different. Instead of a man-wolf from the legends, I was a warrior, weaponless with a wolf cloak, like how Morrigan has a crow cloak. It felt as if it was a perfect union between the lycan self and the human/ true self (I haven’t even tried entering godform first and then Lycan form but I will now). I could feel the wolf energy and state without necessarily being solely a lycan if that makes sense. I am having a very difficult time wording it @C.Kendall @arianna @Aluriel @AdamThoth (o figured adamthoth might have a little insight)


@kiss-lamia-lilith, got any insight to the above?


That’s interesting before this group started I had an experience where I was a Wolf but the a girl with a cloak about me…
The people chasing me could figure out where the Wolf went and when they opened the cloak there was a girl.


It was like a pelt but it was a cloak too.


Mine was red , like red riding hood kinda


Interesting. I’m curious about something.


What’s that?


I’ll pm you


Looks like this, the cloak


Take a look at this there is an irish werewolf/wolf/warriors that might possibly be connected to the morrigan. Not your typical werewolves as in Ireland lycans are guardian spirits.


@Aiden_Crow @C.Kendall I combined the Structuring and Merging Exercise with Shapeshifting as well (@Aiden_Crow thanks for the idea). It is very potent indeed.


Great to hear will soon post the next shape shifting stages very soon.


Have you all merged with you’re inner beings in the astral.


Yes I have.


I have too.


@C.Kendall, can the same thing be done if I wanted to be a Sanguine Vampire? I know, I know… But I have always been fascinated by them since I was a small Gopnik.

I like their charm, enhanced senses and etc.
But not the dogmatic thing such as. “Ohh nooo, garlic. That’s my only true weakness for some reason”


Oh man, I laughed so hard!!! :joy:


Or maybe yes to some extent. Are you aware of the dreaded garlic burp? Yaaah…


@C.Kendall When will we be getting our next exercise?