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You can do it!


Good luck sister.


Thanks guys!


@C.Kendall I have a question about the signs of transformation. Do these signs that you’ve posted about wolf/lycanthropic transformation count for any other form such as a lovecraftian form, a faery form, etc? Or does each form have individual signs? Also does each individual form have strengths and weaknesses?


Yes the side effects go for all forms.


Thanks, just curious


Ok guys I’m caugh up we can move on


Alright great


Close your eyes
Feel inside yourself
A pressure
Gaining critical mass
Visualise a white light
In the air.

Then inhale and feel that
Light enter your wolf,
The moon chakras, then finally
The wolf aura.

Now use the name of your wolf etc.
As a mantra vibrate the mantra
Each time you do feel
It awakens withjn you.

This allows you to feed
Your inner being,
And using the Mantra
You increase its vibration,
Starting a new spiritual evolution.

Now focus on your pores
And inhale deeply
But inhale through the pores
Of your skin, feel the energy
Enter the pores changing your skin
Into the skin of your desired form.

Then vibrate the wolf name
As a mantra once again
, now push that energy
Of the wolf back down
Into root chakra.

Feel the inner blackened flame
Burn and roar inside your core,
Use your breath to rouse
That power that is needed to
Shift your form, allow this black fire
To flow within the inner wolf / Lich Etc.

Now you’re inner wolf or Lich etc
, they are now awakened
Now after this summon
Your inner wolf / Lich Etc.

@Aiden_Crow @Aluriel @nikki @arianna


Beautiful! Thank you!


Just performed the rite. When I started visualising the white light though I got a profound feeling of wrongness as if though that was not what I was meant to do so I changed the light to darkness instead. When the Black Fire ignited I spontaneously started growling as I usually do. I feel the power in me. I feel him/her/it stronger than I ever have before.


That’s great brother trust me you have greater experiences to come,


@C.Kendall I look forward to it.


@C.Kendall did it.


Great brother.


Now you all need to go into the astral call your inner wolf / Lich etc.

And merge with them in the astral there isn’t a certain way to do this, you will be guided by them.

Then tell me when you’re all done.


@C.Kendall Done.


Great job brother tell what did you experience.


My astral body was ripped open and placed over my Undead form. Then I collapsed to my knees as both forms merged. I then reentered my body once the transformation was over.


Great job, sounds like you’re doing great once the others have caught up i’ll post the next couple of steps.