Shapeshifting energy while trying to connect to King Paimon, help :)

Hey Guys ,i have this strange of visions every time i try to contact demons ,umm ok about today,so i started meditating on king Paimon,and i started to feel something verry strange its like black energy but i cant get clean picture whats form its all the time changing and shifting as soon my brain underwstands what is figure it verry fast changes in other form, ans i feel like i see form but it feel bigger , than i see big form but it feel smals and something like that ,its like i cant tell verry strange shapeshifting energy and i got this not only 1 time , so i need to know guys what do you think, because like right now i can picture enwrgy ans its form but then I could bot because it was all the time shifting fast and i could not tell its like verry powerfull obsidian feeling but like i cant .
Thank you in advance , i felt like i need to share :slight_smile:

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Well, it could be many things:

  1. Make sure you actually summon the right spirit and it’s not an imposter.
  2. If you can’t control the energies you see or sense within you, then perhaps something like that occurs.
  3. Spirits do appear in different forms and sometimes like to change forms like that (it has happnened to me before).

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