Shapeshifting course

Its great to see in the new program catalogue that EA and Timothy have added a shapeshifting mastery course!!

yeah, ready to be able to shift into a panda

But you wanted to eat a panda, so does that mean you want to be a cannibal panda?

Anyway, I might just be doing a bit of shifting as I’m in Guatamala right now, going to meet a nagual who knows how to do this.

My plan is simple, first I shift into a panda and work myself into a group of pandas. After I have learned their ways I will breed with their women and become leader of their group. Finally I will have unlimited panda meat.

Talk about taking the idea of “playing with your food” to a whole new level, necro.

Almost time for me to head back, unfortunately due to some cercumstances I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time talking with the naguals, but a lot of interesting things did happen and I also found a couple new entities down here. I’ll post more details later.

My ultimate occult goals are to master physical shapeshifting and teleportation. I could do anything. E.A. and his associates seem like exactly the people who could actually do it.

Physical teleportation should be made into a program too.

EDIT: Oh yea and I wanted to ask, with this type of shape shifting you’d be able to change your face to disguise yourself as someone else right?

Shapeshift myself into a sexy blonde in Amsterdam and live out the ultimate lesbian 3 way porno fantasy! I can’t be the only one???

I second that empyrean!

Does anyone know if this is a skill EA posses yet though? DO they know how to physically shapeshift?

What about the concept about shape shifting in the astral slowly changes the physical? I’ve heard of this but never seen anyone get into the details about how long a process like this takes and any side effects involved like pain or sickness.

I have an idea of how to physically shift and will be trying it when I get the chance. EA has said he knows how but I believe his method may be different then what I am thinking of. There are at least two ways you can physically shift, one is making your physical aspects temporarily astral and changing them, the other is like the method I’m trying to learn which is mixing in aspects from other realities.


As in transferring your conscious mind into another animal or person. Kind of like demonic possession except you are the possessor. Or are you speaking more like a Hollywood movie where your actual physical body contorts and changes into a wolf or a bat? I would be willing to accept the former, the latter I’d have to see a lot of evidence or experience it first hand before I would pursue that avenue.

I was thinking more along the lines of changing ones appearance at least starting off of course. Try increasing your height by an inch or two, losing weight or gaining muscle without physical means, changing eye/hair color. These could be subtle changes that could easily be recorded.

Shifting into an animal or other form would probably take a complete mastery and a lifetime of focus to achieve. That’s personally not a priority for me.

The latter is real, I’ve caused physical changes in objects by mxing realities.

I wouldn’t mind using magick to shed a few pounds, or gain new muscle mass. More importantly retain my youthful looks well into old age. I think the key to doing that is balancing the chakras and continually rejuvenating your energy body with pure light. That mixed with overall healthy living.

I have on two occasions transferred my conscious mind into another body via the astral plane. Once a squirrel once a cat. I guess that’s more possession then shape shifting. I’ve also shape-shifted my astral body many times.

I do know physical shapeshifting into different forms is real, and it doesn’t take everyone a lifetime. However, depending on the amount of distractions you have, there is a high likelihood that you will not achieve it, or any other super abilities in that realm (teleportation, flight, etc.,). If you think about it, transforming your body to look different should be no less difficult than transforming into a cat, but we just think it is because we are close to our bodies in our minds than a cat.

I mentioned a book before called Active Dreaming, where the author supposedly changed his appearance over a 2 year period and grew several inches, and this is way after a period in his life where you are supposed to grow. I personally have had a dream instance with teeth regrowing over night, and it was pretty surreal to wake up and have smooth tooth enamel in a place where 45-60% of a tooth was completely missing. The entire hollowed space was grown back, and the outer smooth tooth enamel was almost completely reformed when less than 6 hours prior, there was a hollow, rough crater. It is possible, even for a noob like myself


that’s incredible! how did it happen? were you practicing a visualization technique in your dream? Is there some type of exercise you can give in simple steps that would allow similar results to be experienced?


Active Dreaming that Metatron777 mentioned (and some other books from the same author) has actually helped me a lot with changing my self through visualization.
However I can’t say that I’ve achieved any kind of real shapeshifting, I think that I’ve created some kind of illusion.
The first thing I tried was to change my height. After months of trying my best friend who’s much taller than me said he perceived me as slightly taller but there was no real change in my height.

I am still using the visualization techniques to aid the process of changing my body into a healthier one and so far I think it’s going well even though I think that it’s to early for me to be able to say that I’ve definitely got the results I want.

Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to this quite as quick as I usually do, and I’ll give a detailed idea of what happened. I actually didn’t do a ritual or exercise at all, I just held an intense mental focus for about 3 days prior to this dream, and when I describe it you will get an idea as to why I hold the dream solely responsible for this regrowth, among other things like infections disappearing, inflammation reduction, and a realignment of the teeth to being more straight.