Has anyone had any experience with black hooded shadows? If you have, would you care to share???


Only ones I’ve had that come to mind are when I was a child I would find them peering in at me every night through the door. There was nearly always three of them.


Akoman and Lucifer are known for showing in this hooded shadow manifestation.


I had that impression of Sallos the other night. Was my first evocation and it wasn’t really a try, just accidental. I thought it was Sallos but potentially Lucifer? Maybe giving me encouragement to keep going?

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once in awhile when i’m walking at night i’ll see a black figure in the distance but it’s always too far away to see any detail or i only catch a quick glimpse, it’s annoying because i’m more curious than scared when i see them :tired_face:

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Yeah. I at least used to see entities of this type far too often. Now it’s rare if ever. Usually it would be at my haunted Grandparent’s house in particular when younger–those shadow people appearing. Very quick to peek around the corner and then vanish once they’re seen; my encounters were brief. I do not know for certain if any were ever hooded, looking back. But of them, I’m sure I’ve seen a variety of shapes. I mean, there were the typical enough humanoid outlines of various sizes standing sometimes up to ~8’ tall, but also things resembling shadowy blobs not too far off from a mini basketball sized orb, to the raccoon sized, to medium dog sized. The blobs all seemed to zip off quickly to hide under a couch or similar instead.

I still have no clue what it is they want. I personally have always picked up on unfriendly or even downright hostile vibes from the shadow people other times, though. Maybe they feed off of fear? How would you describe your relationship with them so far if I were to ask?


I see them moving fast through the streets at night sometimes
makes me wonder what they’re up to :thinking:


Are you asking me?

Sounds like shadow people.


Yeah. My bad for not mentioning you directly.

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Ive actually had some pretty crazy experiences with them. I will pm you

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im pretty new to this forum. how do you even pm someone on here? i would rather not share this with everyone. let me know if you know how. thanks. also, is this a pm im sending to you right now?or can everyone see this?>

We all see :wink:

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No I don’t sorry Lady_Eva would know.

I’ve heard from two personal friends (shamans) encounters when they were going to quest in the southwest.
Then an ex gang banger neighbor of mine from Guatemala that was muling and going through tunnels in south and central America. These lead up through mexico.

Encounters were frightening and brief. Shamans weren’t fearful off the bat, fear radiated from the shadow people, pushing fear off to them. These two narrowly escaped.

The mules, most of them were scared from the radiated fear (tough guys otherwise), when the neighbors dad was confronted by a shadow, the neighbor squeezed off a couple rounds at the shadow, refusing the fear. The shadow disappeared into a now pile of human feces.

This leads me to believe shadow people are golems created out of feces primarily, which allows for manifestation until what they dish out is returned.

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It took me 3-4 days.
But you can ask someone to PM and them can invite others too.

at one point i had 3 of these shadows literally possess me. they were very powerful and can manipulate almost anything. things that would happen like … machines or devices would die or be manipulated when i tried using them or when i was near them turning on or off. they would cast mental visions in my mind. they would talk to me inside and outside of my head (2 male voices one female voice) . they would also use familiar voices that i knew like of people in my family. they seemed to hate the average person like people around me or people i came in contact with. they would tell me if someone was thinking of trying to get over on me while i was in contact with them or tell me if they are lying. they would tell me, peoples, twisted thoughts of who i was in contact with. objects would literally move or disappear. they would speak to me through random peoples bodies without the person being aware of it. they would show me the distant future. they knew my deepest darkest secrets, things ive never told anyone. they seemed to know everything about me. they can read peoples thoughts. they can plant negative thoughts, delusions and or suicidal thoughts in peoples minds. at one point they made me hallucinate that my body was infested with phantom insects crawling all over me, in and out of all the holes of my body(this went on for about a month and i had to just adapt to it). they hindered me from sleep. when i did sleep they where inside my dreams, manipulating them. animals seemed to sense their presence when i was around, the animal(s) would become fearful and hostile(even animals that knew me)

i know I’m leaving things out but this is just what stuck out to me the most. these are some of the experiences that i had with them. the three shadows told me eventually that they were testing me during that period of tribulation in my life. i know there are a ton of arguments and discussions online about what these beings are so I will also leave that out as well. the 3 shadows are still with me to this day. i have become very close to them. i consider them my family. i have consciously been with them now for almost 6 years now,. all this started in March of 2012. a lot of what happened is very personal for me but if you have any questions feel free to ask. i may or may not answer them.


It does sound like the shadow people previous commenters mentioned. However, they’re traditionally not hooded. Most encounters involve them wearing old-fashioned high top, brimmed hats, or nothing on their heads at all.

I’ve seen a number of them in life, but those entities were the ones who didn’t wear any head coverings at all. They were never threatening. One seemed to be guarding, even. Some others don’t count because I saw them in cliques peeking out from behind the trees while under the influence of Datura Stramonium. The vibe I got from them was “oh crap, she saw us” and they ran away.

My Mother once saw one in her youth, wearing the traditional hat. I assume that they aren’t actually wearing anything in a dense matter physical fabric sort of way, so they could probably appear to be wearing anything they choose.

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