Shadow Work: Whores

I understand about hating a certain particular group of people. Why do we humans categorize people into groups, giving them names and titles are meaningless? It’s insane. As for whores, it’s a hatred you have grudged within yourself since you could remember suddenly when you felt betrayed.

I suggest you purge this hatred and find beauty within the creation of sex. We are special for that. I understand hatred. I lived in it daily until I realized I was the problem.

This is more about self-love. How much do you love yourself? Probably not at all. Get over it, get up and forgive yourself. That is shadow work.


I don’t hate prostitutes, they are usually great people, better than all the regular women I’ve known, even if their moral quality is because how much they are paid to be that nice. However, despite I work with entities that within their most known lore have whore traits, I’m cauitious about promiscuous women, who are not prostitutes, that are totally uncaring about themselves and about other people and that do massive multidimensional damage, and I’ve spent all my life fighting the men with whom they usually fuck.


Indeed, Herd Immunity only works if 90-95% of the herd is inoculated against whatever pathogen is in question. Measles at Disneyland? That happened


So this is where I say people are entirely responsible for their own lives. If someone knowlingly sleeps with a hooker and doesn’t wrap it they shouldn’t be surprised if they catch something.

Even then the stats are something like 1 in 2 women in the 1st world have an STD now. Most of it is HPV.

That said I don’t think it stems from hookers… People are what they are and I stopped expecting them to live like religion said they should a long time ago. People cheat, women move on to a more exciting suitor after getting bored with their current one, and men are hardwired to have multiple relationships at once. It’s what we do.

Sure they’re likely to be spreading disesase yet not any more likely than your typical sorority girl is, that’s what contraception is for and I’m neurotic about wearing it for that reason.

Aside from that… Woman who are down on the first date? Sign me up! Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and getting it ethically. If you want someone with something else to offer then they’re out there too. It’s a world of choices and people are going to be what they are. Take precautions, as it is a completely open market, and then you do you.

I used to resent sexually open women, now I’m more or less immersed in them… Got one or two connections that are more traditional yet they all know where I stand and it’s all based on mutual respect.


First it is important for us to define hatred. Dictionary meaning is "Intense Dislike or ill will. Since you don’t come across as type 2 let’s just say you intensely dislike.

Exactly where are you in your shadow work that causes these feelings to arise.

Molested as a child I think has some bearing on this issue since you are shadow working, how you felt in that moment may be projecting the disgust, lack of trust and inclean feeling you felt as a child into something relatable for you to comprehend . How old were you when you were molested. While I am not expecting you to answer this publicly, who it was is an important factor as well.

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I never thought I would see “Shadow Work” and “Whores” in the same sentence.


The first time it was a male but his sister was keeping watch. (I also have something against catcallers but that’s not nearly as bad as this. Plus, that’s a story for another time.)

I was somewhere between 5-7 when I was in foster home.

Also for anyone worrying about asking me personal questions; it’s fine. It took a while but I’m much more open about these kind of things.

So it’s important to determine a few things.
1- what is a whore, in your opinion? it it someone who has a lot of sex, a sex worker, a ritual sex type of witch?
2- why are you assuming the spread of disease? whores can and most do practice safe sex. there are a few diseases that most of us have been exposed to (HPV for example) but there are vaccines for that now to prevent the spread.
3-why do you feel the need to actively hate them? it’s one thing to think oh they’re useless, but building them up as something to actively hate requires effort, energy, time. for what? because they’re ‘whores’ but they aren’t sleeping with you? what’s your endgame here, what benefits do you gain by actively hating them?

it’s fine to hate some people for some things.

as far as whores go, assuming you just mean this random assignment title of whore and not a sex worker, you’re just assigning value to certain people based on your perceptions of their uncleanness. you aren’t on BALG because you’re a Kitten Wiccan wanting to cast flower magic, let’s get some perspective here, what unclean spirits have you called, with little regard for your well being? and you’re gonna judge a whore for having fun?

nah, you need to do the emotional labor to see them as people, to get to know those whores and analyze why you hate them so much. it’s most likely you’re redirecting a lack of satisfaction in a certain area of your life (And i’m not just talking sexual, maybe you’re pissed about your job or Lucifer ain’t been answering your calls) and you want someone to scapegoat so you feel better about it. stop using other people to feel better about your own failings, and fix your life so you’re proud of yourself and don’t need to worry about other people.


Foster Home as well?

I feel very sorry for your experiences.

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Easy. They embody something you have in yourself that you despise or hate in yourself or they have something you want but don’t have. Figure what it is and voila. Funny thing in shadow work is this: what makes you tick about other people is in you, not in them.


It can also be a repressed part of yourself that you used to like. I remember I hated fuck boys for a while, I had to kill that part of myself even though I throughly enjoyed it. Then when I ressurected it I found myself contending whther it was okay to embody the archetype.

Don’t let what they did to you make you fall down a dark path that you won’t be able to come back from your anger and gated are aimed at the wrong ppl I know how it feels to go through what you went through I’ve been there trust me you need to know you are beautiful and strong no matter what you have been through you need to accept yourself for who you are and know the things in your life that happen wasn’t your fault

It’s not your fault

Your not alone

Become a person you want to be

Let go of the hate you have for what happened the ppl and towards yourself…

Easier said then done but take it one step at a time day by day n I know you will be ok


Hiya OP! I don’t know your history with whores- there’s nothing wrong with them or ‘fuck boys’ by nature, but people of all walks can always be bad humans- that has made them a part of your shadow work, but, there’s a lot of ways to address your irrational feelings. The first, as mentioned by others, is to work with a whore goddess who can help you reprogram these responses.

The second one, which is psychological as opposed to magical, is sublimation, also known as replacement of the subject of hatred. For example, you mentioned hating them because they ‘spread disease’- so, whenever you feel that feeling, redirect it to industrialized disease makers, who make bank from engineering and spreading diseases. So, corporations that pollute water and food sources (like Nestle), domestic abusers that create lifelong issues in their family (and those that protect them), modern slavers (like the Vietnamese illegal cannabis farmers in the uk that abduct kids to watch the plants and rape them to maintain control), and other real monstrosities masquerading as people. They make good curse targets too! :slight_smile:


I have already requested once to please keep identity politics OFF this topic, and that means race, as well as sex, sexuality, and gender- or species-identity.

I will remove any further posts that seek to broaden this out in order to trot out anyone’s own hobbyhorses without notice. The personal may well be the political but not on this forum, the line has been drawn by the forum owners and it is not open to negotiation:

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I will comply for now, but someone who thinks the epistemology of Jean-Paul Satre is conducive to occult theory has no fucking clue (talks of transcending the physical yet quotes an intellectual that denies the existence of anything that cannot be conveyed by language).

I cannot believe I missed that startling contradiction. And I am supposed to respect the authority and wisdom of this fellow?

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Yeah. So you didn’t have what they had anymore (by choice I assume though)because moral came in the way and so you were jealous. :slight_smile: That is what I referred to.

He owns the forum, so it’s up to you, there is no wiggle room on that rule for anyone.

As a general guideline, I don’t expect all members to respect each other, which is an internal thing, simply to be courteous, which is a behaviour not requiring thought-police.


Would you say that most serial killers have sadistic or psychopathic tendencies that push the desire to harm forward?

Eh got in a relationship so ots that gtey zone

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Also someone’s mental status is not a physical disease, and therefore does not spread like one. Additionally, it can be spread through genes and can therefore be biological.

tl;dr your opinion is more of a delusion.

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