Shadow Work: Whores

Trying to do Shadow work and I can’t get past my hatred of whores.
I think to myself they’re not hurting anyone until I write realize they’re spreading around diseases.

At that point it’s like a switch flips I get pissed for apparent no reason.
At this point I stop being so nice about it because I realized some people like being called a hoe bitch or whore.

To compensate I call them useless, wastes of oxygen, or say something to the extent of wow did your dad jack off and your mom sat on it at the last minute and then your Dad tried to get her to have an abortion?

… I think I know you can see my problem.

As for why I hate them…I don’t know.


Well, this sounds ominously like a serial killer in the making. A lot of serial killers express similar attitudes.

Anti-Vaxxers spread more diseases than any prostitute ever will, and preventable ones at that (ever seen how fast measles spreads at a daycare?) so there’s really no basis for thinking that way.

There’s no question in your post though, so what, exactly, are you looking for?


@DarkestKnight I said why in the beginning, Shadow work.

As for the serial killer comment I already know I’m not right in the head. Never have been and never will be. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever killed anyone. @3@

Edit: or plan to. If I’m being completely honest I was actually much more aggressive as a child. As I got older it’s like life gave me this gargantuan chill pill.

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Let’s talk about your family life, and your relatives, because there’s probably something that runs i nyour family genetically to bring out these psychological responses.


Shadow work is all about facing, and accepting, the ugly parts of ourselves. What that means is, you have to face this irrational hatred of “whores,” and deal with it. You need to come to understand it, and make peace with it, not repress it or deny it.

I would recommend working with any of the “Sacred Whore” goddesses, like Lilith, Babylon, Jezebel, and Namah,

And I never implied you killed anyone or wanted to, only that a lot of serial killers also express an irrational hatred of prostitutes.


Can you recollect the experience which caused this emotion in the first place? There is nothing wrong with it, you won’t become a serial killer or whore degrader in public.

edits: from my knowledge and observing whores in public, they behave like bitches with every other man as I understand they don’t want to get close to any man except the one they want to fuck for money.


Most actual sex workers i have known aren’t out spreading disease. In fact they take every precaution and get themselves screened regularly. So that in itself is either an ill informed or irrational concern.


@Hyze I hope you’re able to work through this and find the root of what’s causing you to feel this way.


@DebiDenice actually now that you mention it is it possible that this has something to do with the fact I was molested twice as a child? >×>


Yeah, it could be. Wwas the molestor male or female? What were the ideas surrounding sexuality in your childhood and generally growing up?

These issues, when left unaddressed are very harmful.

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I wanted to add that in my original message but that would be the “reasonable” and “right” thing to do: we don’t want that.

Heard immuntinity

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Herd immunity has its limits as can be seen by the rapid increase in outbreaks of previously controlled diseases such as measles and mumps in major population centres.


And it is off topic :stuck_out_tongue:


Work on being comfortable with your own sexuality and body. I’m sure you’ll benefit from that greatly.


In my opinion, those who believe in the non-logical “gender fluidity” spread more disease than a lady of the night. That disease is not biological, but psychological, Miss Dahmer, and it is 10x more deleterious.

I believe your hatred is related to moral issues with the lifestyle not medicinal concerns, as the medicinal reasons do not make sense. But if you want to go ahead and hate whores be my guest. Hate is just as valid an emotion as love.

Personally, I stand in the middle. Most sex workers are just absolute trash who try to recruit abandoned young girls and single mothers into the business by exploiting their need for basic human necessities. But there is a small number who use the profession as a means to survive. In an ideal society these people would be taken care of and given a place to call home. The former would be removed from existence.


If I had to guess…

At some level you see the problem with loosy/hoe, see that it’s not right.

Hating them tho, is like fighting fire with fire.
You need water = understanding, for starters.

hatred blinds

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Smh ok I’m not sure why you hate them but let me tell you something from an ex dancer ppl who get into that kind of work does it cause they have kids home and or school that need money to provide for them not everything is as it seems granted I never understood why have sex with a random stranger but it happens it’s life and even more so they are human just like you and me it’s just struggle no family help facing homelessness or homeless that drives them to do this yeah ok not all of them but a good majority of them

Take a deep breath and accept that you never know what the situation of a person and how their life is right now

Take another breath and accept that you can’t change that

Take a deeper breath and think if your husband boyfriend ran off with some random girl he wasn’t right for you in the first place


Take another breath and admit that you do not care. And then, boom. You are free from these particular shackles that bind you.


Well said :clap:


Okay this is all edging towards identity politics, with mod hat ON I request everyone else please take a step back from that, and agree OP is discussing an archetype which has meaning and significance on a personal level.

OP is as entitled to hate whores as any member is to hate “players” or any other common male archetype for which both defences and criticisms exist.

However doing some shadow work will require examining these beliefs, and some of that by definition may seem illogical, or seem to only focus on certain facts to the detriment of others.

I don’t think any of us who have ever had counselling or therapy would appreciate a peanut gallery giving either “woke” or “red pilled” commentary on our sessions, so I request all members please desist from the same, here.

Cheers. :+1:

Mod hat OFF, @Hyze Hathor may be a good goddess to work with, she bridges the concept of existing within Ma’at, cosmic order including moral virtue, and enjoyment of sex, sexuality, and outright exploittaion of sex for personal gain, her Wikipedia page is a good place to begin researching her.