Shadow people

I’ve always encountered shadow people, but for the last couple months i haven’t. I’ve been thinking about them quite a bit lately so I assume they’ll show up soon. My question is this, would it be possible to essentially absorb one? Or just outright dominate it to my will? The things I’ve seen them do make me…hungry, for lack of a better word.

I would first find out what they are and why your seeing them.


They’ve never interacted before, except one in particular. Thinking about that one is what gives me that hungry feeling.

Then I would maybe scry and invite that particular one to share their intentions.

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I don’t really want to encounter that one again. It was smart, and seemingly feral. 0/10. Would not recommend.

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Shadows basically feed on fear from my understsnding so you could but they are parasites


This particular one though, it like…primed me first. Auditory hallucinations before it showed up. Was very, very not fun.

and then you write

So I’m unclear as to what the purpose of your question is. If I am misunderstanding something, please feel free to correct me.

I meant shadow people in general, aside from that particular one. I don’t feel like I’m ready to meet it again. I apologize for any confusion, I’ve been a bit out of sorts with my thoughts.

be careful i was told that these shadow people are sent by extraterrestrial beings in order to get your dna to create their human hybrid race. get rid of them they do respect when you don’t want them around you just need to be clear

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I need to find out why first. I can’t just send them off and never know.

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i understand that :slight_smile: i think they choose random people, i knew a religious guy who kept seeing them, has less to do with the spirituality of a person

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In my opinion shadow people are “dark energy” elementals, absorbing one is quite possible but I feel as though it’s a bad idea energy, mainly because the unforseen consequences of what that shadow person can do once it has been absorbed into you. I personally have my home an open invitation to shadow people Nyx’s, Kauket’s, Kek’s, and so forth some are random wanderers, it makes for interesting interactions.

Low energy ones are parasitic and will feed on you while “high energy” ones tend to not require feeding but still would probably still cause harm once inside.


I think you have them mixed up with the new age idea of Greys, the idea was that a race of greys cannot reproduce due to their own kind being exposed to toxicity so they need to steal human DNA to create more of their kind. It’s a idea that’s been floating around the new age community for quite some time.

Shadow people don’t require DNA of a human to make more of their kind, they’re elementals they can procreate on their own or form from energy that gains sentience by one means or another.


oh i understand now but race of greys create entities to haunt people too is it? how can you differentiate between them lol

Because grays don’t create entities to haunt people lol, at best the new age community let their fears get the best of them and create thoughtform parasites and let them run rampid in their minds. Shadow people are elementals, grays are not elementals. My experience with shadow people have been nothing but pleasant (otherwise I wouldn’t openly let them roam my house lol)

I don’t quite buy into a lot of the new age communities fears that our DNA is some requirement for another race to create more of their kind or that the races of “badbois” are dependent on our stuff to thrive, it kind of makes no sense lol.


you have experienced shadow people so can you tell us who they are and why they are around humans?

In my experience they’re elementals, why they’re around humans isn’t really a “they want us!” kind of thing, some are curious because our lifestyle differs a lot from their own, but in my opinion our “world” is very close to theirs so they cross over quite often just as we can cross over into places such as the astral, etheric, and other planes of existence through OOBEs. The shadow people I’ve allowed into my home either interact with me or go about their business as if I’m not here which leads me to the slipping over just as we slip over from time to time.


I’ve met shadow people before, at several times and with type of them.

Though many spirits had strong interest towards me, but in my opinion most of ‘shadow people’ came to me clearly not because they would have any interest. Based on many reports and my experiences, usually they’re not care in people who saw them - however do not forget that you can still gave them energy simply by noticing them and focusing on them, talking about them, thinking to them etc. whatever was their ‘goal’.

I’ve noticed that some of them tried to feed from my energies - and because I let them, they did - but either way the rest of them just showed up then disappeared.

You can encounter those kind of spirits who are ready to feed from your fear, thoughts and emotions, and they can manipulate it by their very presence and with their different kind and level of energies (even outside their intention).

My question is this, would it be possible to essentially absorb one?

Yes, it is.

Or just outright dominate it to my will?

Yes, you can.

What you said about your growing hunger can be the consequences of several things.

In my case my growing hunger mostly means that there is something or someone whom I want to destroy, and devour it’s very being. It is something like when a predator notices his prey, or sniffs its smell, so he became a bloodthirsty, resolute hunter.

Or a ‘natural’ reaction from the destructive self-defense type. You just want to destroy them not because you would being really hungry, but your fear became a kind of anger.


The shadow person I encountered was wearing a top hat. He primed me with a scary visual first. They feed off of fear and negative emotion.

Next time you see it, make direct eye contact without any fear and it won’t bother you again.

That being said, it’s possible for shadow people to drive your life into a downward spiral if you already operate on a lower level frequency. (Living through hate and etc)