Shadow people

Don’t mess with shadow people, they are highly intelligent and competent entities with a mean streak.

At least the ones I’ve interacted with, there seem to be several types of them.


That’s true, you just have to encounter the right ones and the experience can be pretty cool lol, some followed me to my cousin’s house, I saw them at mine and invited them to follow or stay or whatever they want to do. I reach my cousin’s home and right before bed they showed up lol.

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Everything you said about shadow people is so interesting! My own experiences with them are very limited

But my best friend has been drawn to shadow people her whole life and contrary to what most people report she always got positive feelings from them

Recently I did a reading for her and Nyx seems to be showing up for her as a spirit guide

So it is very interesting to me you describe Nyx as a shadow entity

If you’re open to it I’d love to hear more about your experiences with her sometime


Yeah I have only positive experiences with them, I consider Nyx a primordial of “dark energy” an elemental Goddess or Primordial Goddess who has her own creation of shadow people, my experiences with Nyx were through projection, the first time trying to visit her I was met by shadow people who seemed to guard her or a “you have to go through us first” but not in a bad way.

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That’s really cool! Yes all my research on her has led me to conclude that she is a primordial goddess according to mythology very close to primordial chaos matter as she is described as the daughter of chaos

Several people who have done readings on my friend have told her about a gypsy woman

I also had a dream that Nyx looked a lot like a gypsy

So we’re thinking Nyx might be the gypsy spirit that everyone senses around her

What was she like when you saw her?

Also feel free to inbox me and write about your experiences with Nyx as much as you’d like I’d love to hear the full story

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In terms of appearance Nyx took on the form of a very tall woman, her hair was energy, literally long black flowing energy that went further than her body, of course, she said it was a form that she would use to communicate with me as she can take on any form she pleased being the embodiment of Primordial Darkness/energy. Her “eyes” were a violet color for me, I did ‘scan’ her to try and see her “true” form and it was just a mass of dark energy that seemed endless.


Physically or astrally?

Sure. I’d be careful though. If it breaks free of your will, it might seek vengeance.


That sounds pretty! I couldn’t remember her face from my dream but her gypish clothes were also long black and flowing as well as her hair as you described

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It’s a pretty interesting experience, same with Erebus and his shadow people. However, Erebus took the form of a child for some reason and he was a bit more abrasive but I was fine. His shadow people were a bit less the type that notice you and more of the type that ignored me unless Erebus told them to relax which was a rarity for me with him.

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Both. Thougg this concern has fallen to the side for the time being.
And in this regard my will is steel.

Yes I know, the one who sticks out in memory as I’ve said was clearly intelligent, but seemingly feral.