Shadow Guy with a Top hat

So I was standing outside waiting on my ride (hey that rhymes!) And out the corner of my eye (another rhyme!) I saw a black shadow figure with a suit on quickly walking down the sidewalk opposite where I was.

I turned around quick enough to realize it was a Physical manifestation of the fellow before it disappeared.

It had faint red eyes.

I didn’t get any negative vibes around it or from it. I didn’t give a damn about him so I shrugged it off as a normal sighting and went on about my business.

I even feel connected to it like we are similar in a way. Lol.

Anybody know who it is? :thinking:
Or what it wants?

Never seen him before.
And yes I am familiar with shadow people and their really but I’ve just never seen this particular character


It seems like one of the Voudon Barons. Perhaps you are being shown a new pathway?


That’s what I thought.
I thought it was Baron Samedi

But when I think about this being…not only do I get nervous, I feel blocked to a degree.

But if its a Loa…
It’s either Met Kalfu or Baron Samdei, or Baron Criminel


I have heard of a videogame entity called the Hat Man. Matches perfectly with your description.

Apparently the video game is based on a legend.


Could it be an inward projection? Would explain the feeling of connection.

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ok so why does this keep happening did you see him today? something similar happen to me today to

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Yeah It was today.

i had a demon come to early this morning with yellow eyes he spoke boice to voice with me and showed himself to me didnt tell me his name or why he as here he didnt hurt me he just made his enegy waves metaphoricly drown me after the long convo we had that i only know a small tid bit of i asked y he was doing this he said cause you love demons and i m like who are you and all i got back was a wide eye to eye smile it was a first and weird

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I didn’t get bad vibes from Kalfu when I first saw him. It was peaceful in fact. But I didn’t see him in a suit. Could be Kriminel.

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shadow person

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Faint red eyes, Top Hat? This sounds like like an image of Papa Legba that I saw in a dream 2 nights ago.


Kalfu and Kriminel are both pretty violent and aggressive. I’d say Baron Cimitierre, Baron La Croix, or Baron Samedi are the Lwa I’d be looking at.

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Explain? Please?

How is the environment where you waited for your ride? Your common friendly neighbourhood?

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??? Explain?

Explain please oddnan?

No answers people? Mmmmmm

What you people perceive as shadow man, is not baron samedi, or any other god of power! They are feeders, animals, science calls this a sleep disorders! It is not! I have experienced this problem from an early age… I was stalked…yet the animal/Shadow man could not feed! Yet it sat in the shadows waiting! Still sense it now, now and then…but for some reason it Carnt hurt me! Which again brings me back to the half dead lady of my dreams? Can know scan this please?


The neighborhood I live in is pretty tame and clean energetically minus all the Hell raised by my rituals :joy:

I’ve seen hellhounds running through the shadows at different times like when I would walk up to Walmart (up the street from my house).

Not a whole lot of Paranormal activity in the neighborhood