Shadow cats and what they mean

Hello. So, I haven’t been on here in a long while but I’d like to preface my question with a short story. Most my life I’ve been around cats and one cat in particular, his name was snoopy and he is a black cat. He was originally my fathers cat but when me and my mother and brother moved to get away from him we took snoopy. Snoopy often felt like my best friend and in my darkest times when I’d be hopelessly crying myself to sleep he would come and lay by me and make me feel better. I never felt the level of understanding and communication with any other animal besides him. Eventually, as a product of my parents divorce my father took snoopy away. This crushed me and he is no longer with me. But back to the point of this question, in the last 3-4 years seemingly but not as much lately I commonly see black spots in my peripheral vision and mistake them to be snoopy as I can feel his presence within them. When I would go to look and see if it was him it would either be a black object (easy enough to explain), or it would literally be nothing at all when a second ago I could have sworn he was there. Keep in mind these occurrences were frequent from the point I was with snoopy to even after he left. I suppose my question is what I might have been seeing when nothing was really there. Is there any merit to supposing these are shadow creatures? Did they accompany my black cat and is that why I don’t see them as much now that he’s gone? Any responses are greatly appreciated.

If humans can project and keep part of themselves with someone else, cant a cat do the same?

Didn’t expect a response this fast lol

This makes a lot of sense. Are you suggesting perhaps this was him intentionally projecting himself to be near me?

Idk if I would say intentionally, but when bonds are formed that is an energetic connection. It might be intentional, but it might also just be symptom of your bond.

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This is so interesting
I see thank you for helping me understand this

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Cats in particular are known to be able to astral travel, and my own experience which is similar to yours seems to bear this out. So it could actually be Snoopy coming for a visit. When Snoopy was with you they could have been his siblings or just randoms investigating the area, as cats do.

There may also be cat ghosts, or astral wildlife that are cat sized around you. Cat’s that have crossed over don’t tend to hang about for very long or too close to the living in my experience, not much longer than a year or two, but who knows?

I think of shadow people as something very distinct after I completed the Shadownomicon, almost an alien species, and I personally don’t use the term ‘shadow’ for anything else, so it depends what you mean by ‘shadow creatures’.


I see, I must confess I was throwing the term around lightly as I didn’t quite know what to label to use. I’m rather new in this world you see but most definitely intrigued by the responses I’ve been getting as well as great full. If you don’t mind me asking, what experiences have you had with shadow people? Or other spirits at that?

So, I’m one of those that grew up in a house sensing the spirits in it, as I have in other houses I’ve lived in, and to me sensing entities after evocation isn’t that much different, although their character feels very different. I could also sense the spirits in the woods on walks, and strongly at night when camping.

After I got into Shamanism and later Druidry, I began working with entities by travelling to their realms.
It was only after I studied western occultism, primarily via EA Koetting’s work and later from many other authors, that I began to make space to bring spirits directly into my current reality.

There are some, like my mentor Samael who are instantly with me, and my Hearth God who lives in the little altar by my fire in my living room who are always around. I have some astral wildlife that have permission to hang out in the house, and my temple, which is a dedicated room at the back of the house, warded off and separated from my regular reality, that has spirits waiting for me to get back to them.
Most need to be evoked or invoked. Belial is permanently invoked but dormant unless I am in spiritual danger., I can feel him only if I look for him.

So far I’ve worked with all of the Goetia, the Shemhamphorash, The Shadow beings in the Shadownomicon and a couple extra personal to me, some of the Sumerian, Taoist, Norse and Celtic pantheons, and miscellaneous others who called me or I called them. I work with the fae mostly in gardening season, and the dead when they come to me.

Right now, I’m not doing much of that, I’m earning Controlled Remove Viewing to improve my psychic skills.