Sexually Vampirizing Someone without becoming a vampire

My question to the community is this: If i wanted to sexually vampirize or psychically vampirize a person, could I do this without turning into a vampire myself?

I know this sounds a little strange. But I would like to experiment with vampirism without actually going through any transformations. It worries me a lot the idea of becoming reliant on a food source that may or may not always be there for my consumption. Not to mention that once I pass away I would still be vampiric in nature.

I don’t want to have to look around for people to drain even in the afterlife. Like becoming addicted to drugs such as cocaine or heroin. You can do it a few times, but keep it up and you’re going to get addicted. I don’t want a gun to my head to go out and score so to speak.

If I wanted to do this once or twice a week could I avoid turning into a vampiric being?

Being a vampire doesn’t mean craving for energy all the time an whatnot. I personally don’t believe that. It’s simply the act of absorbing, trasmuting or transferring vital energy

Absorbing energy from someone does not make you a vampire. This is not Hollywood. We naturally absorb energy from our environment and other people all the time. It’s not something exclusive to those who like to call themselves “vampires.”

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Yes, but I am talking about making a concerted effort to draw energy from someone. Not simply hanging out with them and experiencing whatever energy transfer occurs naturally.

Well, the good thing is sex is naturally an energy exchange. Women in particular tend to draw energy from the male during the act. Though this is usually done unconsciously, there is a sexual technique known as the Big Draw where the woman consciously chooses to draw energy to the point where the man can actually lose consciousness. If you’re male, there’s no reason why you cannot learn to reverse it and draw from the female instead.


This is just energy working. The whole vampirism thing is blown way out of proportion You can’t “become” a vampire, it’s not real it’s just posing. You can perform vampiric activity the same as you can perform any activity. But it doesn’t change who you are and you can start and stop at any time.

What @DarkestKnight said. We absorb energy naturally from our environment, some people have more of a natural talent for it than others. If you do that in a more focussed and intentional way, you could call it vampirism. It’s a technique that is also used by vampires. Becoming a vampire is an extensive process, to my understanding. With the goal to skip the death of your astral body after your physical body has died in order to step out of the process of reincarnation.
So probably not something you would accomplish accidently by developing some vampirism skills ^^

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As much as I appreciate this advice. I would have to disagree. From all I have read it seems the actual energy body is actually changed if one pursues this path. I have read that a persons ability to process and digest energy depends on their vampiric skill level and experience doing so.

I have also read about energetic infusions of vampiric essence. To slowly but surely change a persons core essence. Many credible authors/practitioners talk about this. I have read also about some people who started doing this and then they experienced cravings or depression and no energy if they didn’t feed. I believe this path may change the natural way the energy flows within a person.

some people are very sensitive to the energy in the environment, other people’s energy, and that is why we gotta stay alone most of the time, and be careful who we associate with. Most people are shit, sorry to say, and their energy will bring you down.


This is where having qigong skills helps a lot, because you won’t be at the mercy of unregulated energy. You can recognize energy and control yourself, be strong and smooth in your energy and you become like a boat on the river, floating above it and controlled and untouched.

It takes practice but it allows you not to have to limit yourself. I need more practice and there are times I remove myself from a place rather than regulate and do energy working to stay on an even keel, but I can tolerate people and even crowds now where they were hard before.


i just do reiki downloads from the universal energy, i think it has the same effect as what you are saying. It has made me feel much more stable, my energy. I used to be chaotic, in a frenzy, unstable.