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My bestfriend was bi-curious for quite some time.

We had been flirting for a couple of months (i picked up on his curiosity and felt there is something there to work with)

2 months ago we made out (he was inhibited and initiated) and he admitted to liking the experience.

Only 2 days later, he told me that he thought it through and definitely isn’t gay (meanwhile still being strong on liking it but, as he said it, as a “one-off”). He said he had thought he was bisexual but doesn’t really feel that way and loves me as a friend (ouch). It all feels sketchy and i feel like that’s not the whole truth but whatever

First i want to say that we had fooled around with sensual touching before that happened and it didn’t particularly throw him off his questioning

Now, as to what is really going on - whether he isn’t comfortable with his feelings, or is straight, or is bisexual but doesn’t find me attractive, or would be up for sex but doesn’t feel romantic love, that i don’t know and definitely won’t get an answer by talking to him

I’ve searched for similar topics but found them to be mostly very extreme (almost impossible) attempts.

I bought a copy of “Demons of Magick” by Gordon Winterfield (as i saw someone here having a great success from using one of the rituals described there). I was thinking of utilizing Orias or Dantalion

Does anyone have any experiences or thoughts about this? Would a love/attraction spell do anything here? I feel like there is something to work with here (I would say he is 1-2 on the Kinsey scale) so perhaps his desires could be widened. The only thing i worry about is whether there is still something to build on (in case the kiss really killed all his curiosity). It doesn’t really help that he’s got himself a girlfriend either, but i’m willing to fight for love! lol

PS: sorry for the formating & if you have any questions i can go more in-depth

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Probably better to try gremory


Now I cant give you any direct advice on the best to work with. As I dont have personal experience working an individual of same sex who isnt currently attracted to the same sex in some way. Though I know others have dabbled with a few for that particular field.

Now what I can give insight on is, it is quite possible that he is not gay. There are quite a bit who cant really distinguish their mixed feelings of sexes until they experience it. Some may believe they are bi becuase they have a sort of attraction to both sexes. Though its not so much as physical but rather mental attraction which brings forth that physical attraction. They hold off on experiencing the same sex because they still question it due to that part in their brain being wired towards the mental aspect. Once they do finally end up making the jump to experience it 1st hand. Sure the arousel can set in because its uncharted territory and you have already heightened your mind to that attraction, which is similar to the stages of a crush, no matter what anyone says about them, you will be intoxicated by that crush, in this case after the encounter that rush is gone and now having the experience they can self evaluate internally was it all they made it to be in their mind, thus being bi or other, or was it just a lukewarm attraction no actual connection there to the gender, in which not being bi.

So there may be a chance he is being honest. Same as still the chance of being afraid and lost because it clarified he is bi. Only time will tell. That said the workings you decide to set in place will have to work different angles in case he indeed is not bi. You’d have to work with his mind to open it up to that idea. And not just solely attraction and love work


Why would i need to influence the mind? Isn’t love a matter of heart? I was thinking more in ways of implanting a genuine attraction (or turning it up in case it exists dormantly). That way he would be prompted to act on it, and in a perfect world, acknowledge that it satisfies his desire. What exactly do you mean by opening him up to the idea??

Love is the matter of the heart. However in the case that he not be bi, no matter the amount of love spells and attraction you set. It wont change the mind of him being straight. Dont get me wrong, theyll work in a sense but as a loving, close friendish type of way. Not the love for romance type of way. You have to remember love comes in all different ways. It isnt solely just romance purposes

Influencing the mind to help change the idea and opening up… aka pursuading the mind to have those romance type of vibes for the same sex when otherwise they wouldnt


I’m still not sure i follow. Wouldn’t implanting attraction work without manipulating the mind? Are you saying that attraction arises from the mind and without a proper mindset those feelings won’t come through, or am i misunderstanding?

I can definitely see how not influencing the mind could result in no action because his inner feelings would clash with his thoughts, but i’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re trying to say. I’m sorry, this subject is very confusing lol

I think what @Enchantingstar is saying, is that the mind can overrule the heart, so just because you use magick to make your target attracted to you, it doesn’t mean he will necessarily act on that attraction if he truly feels he is straight.

Love comes in many forms, and your target could very well interpret his attraction in a platonic way, as a close friendship, rather than anything romantic. It is actually pretty common for close friends to think they are sexually attracted to each other because of the intimacy they share, but when they kiss, and even fondle each other, they realise there is no “spark” or chemistry, and so choose to remain just friends.


Alright, that sounds valid. So the advised approach here would be to implant sexual&romantic attraction AND make his mind curious about the possibility again & willing to take action? @DarkestKnight

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Yes, you have to work on the mind in order to make him more open to the idea. You need to take into consideration that there is still an unconscious stigma attached to homosexuality, even in this day and age, so even though your target experimented with you, he may not be willing to jump directly into a relationship, even if you manipulate any latent attraction he may harbour. Sharing a kiss and a grope is small potatoes compared to the possible ramifications of an actual sexual relationship.


Attraction will work but doesnt mean attraction in the way you want it. He can be attracted to you but if he isnt gay that wouldnt change no matter how many things you throw his way. He could be very close to you due to that attraction but not in a romantic or sexual way.

When love or attraction work is done on individuals who are into that sex. Yes it works the way they are seeking bc they are already open to that sex thus the allure of it brings about the intense feelings to act upon their urges. In a case where work is being done on someone who isnt interested in that sex, it sort of “complicates” it as they feel that attraction but the urges arent there becuase mentally speaking they arent into that sex thus only leading them to want closeness in a since. Love comes in many forms not just romantic.

Silly example. You can have an apple and tell it its a grape but not matter how many times you tell someone its a grape. Itll still be an apple. Now get a Grapple which has been altered is an apple but taste grape like. It was modified being soaked to create the grape taste. Your mind knows its an apple but your taste buds tell you its grape


Love the example lol. Now i understand what you guys mean, thank you for clarification. As this is quite specific, do you know which demon would be best suited for that kind of a mind-bend? @DarkestKnight @Enchantingstar

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I think Dantalion would be your best bet.

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There are quite a bit who help with mind manipulation, like Dantalion. However to tag on what @DarkestKnight said about stigma and all of that jazz. I never have worked with him for the purpose of manipulating the sex attraction so I couldnt say 100% if he’d do it. Demons are the same when it comes to thought. Some dont give a F about what the actions of working a said request can entail so long as you are very certain you want it. Others no matter how much you may want a certain request. If they dont find its in your best interest or overall interest. They will not help on your request


Another option, if you’re not just looking to get your rocks off but actually want a romantic relationship with the target, is to consult the spirit Tul, who is knowledgeable in all matters of love, and can see the heart’s truth. He can tell you what must be done to win the love of another.

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I’m still going with gremory you made out with each other. All you need is to push the ‘forbidden attraction’ aspect that’s Gregory’s niche to get further. One step at a time.


All the options sound fitting lol

From what Gordon Winterfield writes in Demons of Magick, Orias sounds like the right man for the job too

“To change the mind and heart of a named individual, without any words being spoken to them.”

Maybe working with several demons is the way to go here? @Nomad @DarkestKnight

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What is your goal? Is it a relationship, or is it just some play time? That will help you to determine the appropriate spirit.

Orias does sound most fitting though. I would go with him and Gremory as @Nomad suggested.


My ultimate goal is a relationship, but i understand that with all the taboo that this type of commitment carries, we might not necessarily grow old together.

Honestly i’m trying to squeeze the most i can here, bottomline fwb + i’m not hoping for anything that would last more than a year

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Oh yes, I like this kind of stuff. Bi-Curiosity in it’s essence is just a question of “Do you like it”

If he likes it, he likes it. Take advantage of it.


If you want a relationship, Okay here’s a weird question. Will you let me look into your being? Gonna check a few things