Sexual entity in the Norse pantheon


I was just wondering if the Thurses have any entity that can help you gain knowledge about your true sexuality, help you to learn channel your sexual energy and such? I know that the Aesir/Vanir have Freya, and I have thought about reaching out to her but besides that I only work with the giants/thursar, and I would prefer to stay in their current… So is there anything compared to like Lilith here? I haven’t experienced anything like that with Gullveig yet and haven’t red anything about Her having traits like that either. In the myths, the Thurses are enemies towards the other gods so I prefer to stay with them. They have thought me much.

I might try Surtr, on the basis that fire can also represent passion. You could ask him who he recommends if not?

A lot of the Aesir are mixed with Jotun/Thurses, but there’s Loki for the sexual energy aspect, or Surtr, or even Angrboda.

Yeah, I might consider Loki or Surtr though He seems more ”wild” and harder to ”control” (in lack of a better word, you get my point). I have thought about Gullveigs various aspects, and it might work but I haven’t found anything pointing towards that there either. This whole system seems very old and sometimes unexplored. Maybe I just have to dig it up by myself. Loki should work fine but a more ”feminine” entity seems interesting.

There’s obviously Freya and also Lofn. Further, Odin being symbolic of “the All” should have this included as well. Tyr perhaps. Try working with the runes of Ken and Gebo. Always remember it is consciousness that is the power.


Yes I’m aware of the Aesir/vanir that can do this, but I was specifically asking for a feminine Thurs who could help with this. Runes are great, maybe by using them with Gullveigs guidande this could be achieved…

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Yes, I’m sure you could. I don’t know much about the Thurs.

They are beyond words fascinating to work with. The thing is that there isn’t much to find about them beyond the myths, which makes it even more Interesting. Their magic is very much connected with nature and the wild. They emanate a more ”raw” energy than demons who feel more hallucinogenic, inebriating and ”narcotic”.

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