Sex with Bilal, Asmodeus?

Good afternoon everyone! Can anyone walk me through on how I could have sex with a demon (Bilal, Asmodeus?). I’m a gay male (24), and have never been able to experience sex yet with a human. Hard that I am a bit overweight, where a lot of guys arent into that. Would Bilal or Asmodeus teach me how to have sex?


Evocation or learn to project and ask if they would want to have sex with you and remember to leave out bias because yes these beings can say no. Also Asmodeus is a Djinn not a demon.


Thanks for the clarification :blush:

@Gayboy24 You’re a beginner, right? You have to learn some basics first like evocation or invocation, and - VERY importantly - shielding. Can you communicate with spirits? Also, they’re NOT sex toys. Please don’t approach entities like Belial or Asmodeus as a beginner with only sex in mind. You might not get what you wanted. At all.

There’s also a great danger of getting a parasite or impostor. As a beginner, you might not be able to feel spirits or make the discernment between an energy-sucking parasite and the real spirit.

Nothing against a good time, but this is NOT a game. Be careful and read some basic info on the forum, there’s a lot of great info for newbies that can guide you step by step.

Also, I happen to know that some entities will definitely NOT work with you, nor have sex with you, if that’s all you’re interested in. There are spirits (incubui or succubi) that are very sexual and they might be a better option for you, IF you know what you’re dealing with.

Please be careful, this can go very wrong if you go into this without any preparation or basic knowledge.


Belial normally at the beginning ignores a lot the adept who wants Sex so it will be a very interesting game of hide and seek. Asmodeus has 2 cocks so the best male bottom will surely need a lot of energy to keep up with him.

Why don’t you choose someone more beginner friendly?


2 cocks! That’s crazy!! LOL. I’d def would love to work my way up to that. Would you have one to recommend to start with?


Not King Paimon please… :roll_eyes: He’s not exactly responsive to this kind of approach either.


Lmao what? no he doesn’t.


According to the female magicians I personally know who he has approached with them fully out and proud, he does indeed. :man_shrugging:



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Rock out with your double cock out! :metal::metal:

Sorry. I had to.


Lol must be his choice to polymorph it but I doubt he naturally does :man_shrugging:


Probably not, but it is damn funny that he sometimes appears that way. Goes with being a spirit of lust, I guess lol


Haha I’d definitely be turned on by 2 cocks

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Lel. Asmodeus came to me in the shape of a beautiful female 50s actress/pin up model/stunner and my response was that I would already see someone else. Fun times


This is the demonology of the New Aeon, I’m proud of you all


Anyone know how to PM someone on this website?

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You have to be active for a while before dms are unlocked, however older members can dm you.

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Okay :slight_smile:

As a newcomer, the ability to PM is restricted until you reach a certain threshold of activity. Someone can message you, and you can reply but you cannot initiate conversation. It’s a safety feature that helps to prevent members from being hassled by spammers, trolls, and scammers who join up and want to immediately jump into private. If you are fairly active, the ability unlocks in a few days.