Severe headache

I started working with Angel Sachiel for a petition on money matter. Since then I had severe headache and my third eye region ticks and moves all those while when am in my room. I just left the room because of an emergency and had to pass my night in our family house. I noticed the headache is not there again. What does this mean. Is Sachiel’s energy still in the room?

It could be a number of different things. Or a few things going on all at once. Try a banishing ritual. Try cleansing yourself. Maby you have another spirit getting in the way. Maby you put a little too much energy all at once.

I hope someone with more experience could be able to help you.

Drink more water. That helps with physical and non-physical things as well.


I started working with him too day before yesterday , since yesterday am getting giddy and lightheaded, head feels heavy and the room rotates.

I called in a doctor to check if it’s low bp he said all fine maybe am stressed

It happens when I lie down and try to move my head from one side to another

Any additional info would be great. Should I ask Archangel Sachiel to help with the giddiness?

This was 6 years later, I’m not sure if he will answer you

Maybe, but the feedback could be valuable for any of the other 18k+ users that have been and gone on this site.

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