After giving pife to servitor does one have to do the LBR if he or she were to just sit at the alter and re enforce more life into the being created

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My experience with servitors May differ because a lot of my practices came from influence of Belial.
It started with my first invocation and then about six months of pathwork to gain two servitors.
They are being trained to work with communication right now.
I will occasionally tag one of my young adults using them and then my pack texts me to let me know they experienced it.
I reinforce my servitors with my energy once an evening and also continue to ask my Ancients to guide me in better ways to grow them.
When I do energy work with my method and servitors, it is in a protection circle with all other precautions observed as well.


I personally don’t care for protection circles

In my private practices I find I do not use them as much as I used to since I have a strong man but for many people, without a protection circle, parasitic entities can come along and derail their works that is why am always advocating for it :slight_smile:
What kind of practice do you engage in?:slight_smile:


Not so much as practitioner in any form i just do what works and experiment…and the reason i ask is that some occutist does the LBR before doing servitor or gibing life perse and others dont and yet both ways they still get amazing results.


@4hmagm does your servitir result get affected

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I just started working with the 4 horsemen. They have not so subtly let me know that I should work with them.

My servitor doesn’t seem affected by it.

As far as parasites go I make deals with them to only take what I view as unwanted energy and leave the rest. I only occasionally have to enforce this.

@4hmagm okay thanks for taking time to reply .well noted

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Can servitors work for different people?

Well if the servitor was created by one, especially if ones blood is within the construction
I have the belief that none other can call upon or command this extension energy of your consciousness creation.
If there was a joint effort in its creation (difficult but not impossible) then I do not see that there would be a problem in conditioning it to obey more than one individual creator.

Hey! Maybe this could help, i finished the book today and read to the FAQ and it answered some of my questions.


This is an excellent book.

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LBR’ing before servitor creation isn’t a bad idea for neutralizing potential parasitic influence on your servitor, but a star ruby would be better, since it would clear the immediate proximity of your working of malevolent influence in addition to your own aura.

What do you think about performing the Ritual opening with the 5 archangels from DOM first?

@Gwenevere does it say anything about clearing your space before the work

No it doesnt mention that.

@Gwenevere yes thats was my main question is it like saying you dnt actually need to do it and let the pure tjoughts and energy around you bring it about or is it like wise to clear your space for fear of parasite feeding of the attention

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Well I will try without doing it and will see :slight_smile: .