@Gwenevere that would be an awesome experiment GoM has had lots of success and i guess he would leave it out if it was really important but …will see i guess

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Angelic invocation’s fine as long as you know you have rapport and can count on them to show up.

@Dusk angels will come and help with that ive had success now im moving into servitors .angels will help anyone if they ask help especially theought invocation where you can feel them and get the vibrational chills

There’s a lot that has to go right for angelic aid to be a certainty in magic. Thinking they’re going to keep your shit safe while you’re creating artificial life just because you ask them nicely and maybe threw a couple bucks into the offering plate last sunday mass for once is not a safe bet in my opinion.


@dusk i dnt attend mass​:joy::rofl::rofl:what i meant was i have been working with angels for a long time since young .my big brother was already into the occults and showed alot and angels he into angels and necromancy necrodominance and all that that not my path like he had years of experience and i had help in that regards and theyve always worked for me im just saying belief and constant communication is important

Im just saying just clearing the rokm before work and that can ne done with or without angels or entities.but thats my view

Ritual is all about controlling the variables to get what you want if you feel the need to clear the area first then do it otherwise do it without.

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@4hmagm that makes alot of sense in someway i think you just answered my question :facepunch::fist:

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