Servitors gone rogue

Curios has anyone had a servitor gone rogue on them at all? I made one a year ago was for lust purposes to fuel lust into people. But I very hardly use it and the feeding was to feed gratitude when it worked. Granted I didn’t put much effort into making it to be fare but I didn’t see much result from it. So I didn’t use it nor interact with it for around 9 months. How does one usually know if it can turn rogue or not? If I call it I can visualize it pretty well but thats about it. I dont see it communicate unless I feed dialect through it myself. Now I am interested in how common it is for a servitor not fed and hardly used, even from the start of creation, to go rogue and cause issues and what sort of issues?

I am unsure weather to do the kill switch on it or just feed it new commands to feed from another source and stay dormant until used etc. My original feeding was simply gratitude of fulfilling a task only so it wasn’t much of a source for it nor did I make it to be clever other than to glamour people into feeling lust. Its one of those things I dont really need to use much to be fare and I feel bad I have hardly used it.

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You can either fix it or you can kill it, either will work.

You basically never gave it enough fuel to even begin to fulfill a task let alone do anything or harm anyone imop. Bringing it to life doesn’t inherently give it enough fuel to operate, or survive for any amount of time-it gives it enough to come to life.

A lot of authors recommend charging them over a course of a week or more just because it does take a lot of energy to create an effective new life.

Gratitude makes a great reward but unless you practice being grateful prior to tasking the servitor, it has no fuel.

I’ve mentioned fuels sources I use all over, so I recommend the search function and I’ve mentioned how to change or edit a servitor a time tooo.

Normally I’d repeat myself but I have real weird hours this week and I’m getting around to go sleep for a bit.

So sorry, but I’m confident there is more help around if you dig through some of my posts, or if you wait till tomorrow I’ll dig them up and link you some help.


Currently looking at some of your postings now :), so would you say one going rogue from lack of interacting is pretty rare without a large buildup of initial creational energy and use to then stop using etc?


Yeah I would. Most of them will more or less wane and grow weaker. Weaker ones may simple dissolve back into raw energy over time too.

Imop lack of food is about all the biggest thing that would make a well thought out servitor go completely off the rails.

Most of them time I imagine they are trying to ask for food and can’t.

A lot of people who have this issue don’t have the best Clair’s yet, so it’s easy to mistake a HANGRY servitor for rougue


Combat this with a specific sign that alerts you that they are hungry just in case, only to be used when needed under blankety blank circumstances.

Cover thy ass where necessary lol.


Wow this is so exciting and interesting I am thinking of experimenting and def digging deep into servitor work!

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I am one of those with no clair anything haha accept for any physical instance I have seen shadows and manifestations etc in the physical realm. But I would say I havent experienced any issues or anything strange. I sometimes read something and it pops in my head and I feel bad for lack of use in where it gets its food then for fulfilling the task, which it never did go figure. So it most likely is not programmed enough though I feel bad in killing it in some ways but without much use for me its a catch 22, if not already dead anyway. Only thing I can do is call it and see it in my minds eye clearly as I have good visualization skills and can see things like real in front of me. That is probably the most energy I put into it using damon brands book. Drew a sigil and wrote a contract and visualized it in front of me, verbalized its contract and kill switch etc and visualized scenarios of what it should do trying to get an idea of how it should function and sent it on its way. That was probably the most I interacted with it. The odd times I called it I simply called its name 3 times and visualized it in front of me and then told it what to do and thats it. But with no actual tangible result to what I could see I didn’t feed it much gratitude. Odd occasion I would call it to feed gratitude to it for something else to try and make it stronger but with life I forgot about it for months.

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It can be really rewarding. It can also be really overwhelming if your not careful.

I typical have quite a few servitors waiting in the wings for their match, so sometimes I’ll be contemplating a problem and have input- just cuz.

I find this disappears as soon as they find their home. I think it’s because I design them to go to the best possible person for them- a lot of times people tell me they feel called to a particular servitor and well they probably were lol!

I advise playing it safe. I’ve never had a problem, other than maybe being unclear in what I wanted or how I wanted something to function, so just think it through, so some reading and you’ll have a good time.

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You can fix it. Hang on I already mapped out basic instructions once somewhere here.

Someone else didn’t know how too, but they aware it was possible.

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Here you go, we had a whole discussion about how easy it is to fix them.


I was maybe thinking of saying to it to feed off of solar energy like something like below.

name i am removing how you feed from gratitude and you will now take your sustenance from the moons light.
name you will only consume as much energy from the light of the moon as is needed to keep you active and shall not consume anymore.
name you shall stay dormant until called upon and shall not harm nor hinder me nor anyone or anything else.
name you shall never interfere with any magick nor external energy other than the food source you are now given from the light of the moon.
name you shall also grow stronger each time you are called for use and can use a small part of the energy of an interaction you create, where called to do so, to feed.
name you shall never grow past the confines of these commands nor your original programming and only the source you consume sustenance from has now changed from the original creation of you name


Nah, keep it. You should learn as a good person when to be grateful, and a servitor does work without a choice. They do the work because they want to please to you.

It’s okay to not do it right away because you’re caught up in the moment or otherwise, it it’s a good practice to appreciate the kind things that are done for us.

If we appreciate what is done for us, a lot of people and spirits are more willing to do even more for us, or help us just because we cared enough to take a moment to notice they did it, and they did it for us.

I advise you leave the gratitude as is, it will help your servitor become stronger and more efficient quicker.

Add the other fuel source as the primary sustainable source for their life and the gratitude as reminder to yourself to do the right when the right thing has been done for you.

They won’t go rogue if you forget now and then, they’ll probably remind you even and then it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. You can even ask them to remind you AFTER the task is complete if it’s truly I just can’t remember.

You set something silly like a word, a name, a tap on the shoulder.

I find servitors with enough fuel can usually do these types of signs very close consistently. The hard part is actually noticing them.


I’d just like to interject my following interesting experience:

In the case of a servitor/familiar that has a “sponsor” (or “godparent”, if you will…) I.e. deity or other entity, you may find that if it becomes too weak either from neglect or otherwise, that said sponsor may intercept it and keep it for awhile and tend to it.

This has been my experience with one.

This will of course depend on the deity or otherwise and the servitor in question I imagine.


This was my original not very detailed script to it lol.

You are … a spirit of great witt, power and confidence.
name, you have long dark hair, pale skin, glowing brown eyes, tall and handsome, have two fangs and a glowing pentacle on your neck.
You radiate a strong white aura that emanates from your whole body into any place you reside. You wear a leather white jacket with gold embellishments and dark leather pants.

It is your purpose, name, to give me confidence and charisma and make me seem mysterious to people making them want to know me and think of me. To make it seem like I light up the room.

When I call upon you name you work for me at all times and all places without fail and will come to me with full attention when I call of you by name 3 times. You will live name until I call your death and upon hearing that call, you will willingly dissipate.

name you will come to me immediately when I speak your name 3 times. When called you obey my commands and go into the world to do my bidding.

You are fed by my gratitude and by pleasure I take in the success that you bring. You are housed in my left eblow.

You will be reduced to nothing if you are touched by a combination of bla bla bla and the word … is said.

This is your sigil

that was pretty much it. The commands I gave to it once visualized stood in front of me. Not much power really to it. Looking back at that it seems it would only take food from when I felt gratitude IF it gives a result though I didn’t specify it couldn’t try elsehwere lol.


This makes sense. I would still add the second source as a back up.

I think it’s good practice to be grateful for their efforts even in the beginning, or maybe encouraging at least- because it’s a baby spirit basically.

It doesn’t know a whole lot on its own, if you can’t do what you’re asking it to- it doesn’t know how to do it.

It will learn and usually quickly, but they sometimes go through a few errors or a partial result might quite all that’s possible in your reality, so if they gave you their best- it’s wise to remember that we too should have encouragement at times.

It helps a lot if you have realistic expectations and they know it, they’ll try harder if they know you won’t be angry, mad or kill them for failing.

I mean why help someone who can’t remember you exist? :rofl:

It’s like when you have a friend that only calls when they need to bum a $20, but your servitor can’t tell you no. So what happens when you take the $20 over and over and they don’t have it?

I’m going to bed, that’s just how it seems to be in me!