Servitor stories

Anyone willing to share stories of servitors that they have created?

P.S. Before i am told to search through the forum for stories, i have search enough for a lifetime and would still like to hear more!!! It’s so fun go read people and their stories with their own personal servitor. Also what better a way feed your servitor than with some attention from writing about your servitor!!!


My dear friend @pluto1 shared that she recently created a server, I’m sure she’ll be happy to share her success stories with you :grin::grin:


You’ll might try just asking for servitor experiences whether or not they created it to get a bigger response pool.

Many people here have created them, but many people have also only ever used servitors created by someone else, so I can’t be sure but if you don’t get anyone at all in a few days, you might change the title to be more inclusive.

Otherwise patience is a virtue my friend, today was Monday so while it’s usually a more active forum day, we must remember it’s also usually a work day and we are drawing near the holidays- people are busier than other times over the next 3 weeks or so. :blush:


I made a servitor very recently so I won’t release Any info regarding its programming etc, apart from the things that it has achieved and ways I’ve helped it.

  1. My servitor helped me get noticed by “celebrities” or atleast people who had 4M to 10M followers.
    Their was one time, where I went into a live event, on TT & other platforms, their were 100s of people commenting and I commented once, my comment was seen first, & then pinned, I said something really nice about a song they had out ( so I guess it’s self explanatory)
  2. Some people at my local library who usually never said hi to me did for the first time! (I tested this out real time in person, basically just asking my servitor, to help me get noticed and seem more approachable)
  3. I also got noticed on multiple lives by a lot of different creators when I asked my servitor to make them notice me etc.

Overall, I got noticed a LOT more then I usually would in person and by creators with thousands and sometimes millions of followers on LIVE, even tho their are 1000s of other people commenting, & asking for the creators attention. I also got a lot more general opportunities like hanging out with some more friends and talking with people I would’ve never talked to otherwise. It was all a plus.

Also, I have given my servitor links, books, podcasts and other things for it to learn, I’d say overall it worked out amazingly esp for my first servitor ever.


I’ll just drop a few examples of various types.

I think my fastest servitor result was for getting a new job when a fixed term position I’d been in expired.
I was extremely specific about the job from salary to work type to location to hours of work etc. Got two offers that matched precisely within a couple of weeks.

I was also extremely specific about the kind of personalities I wanted to be working with and the office environment. The job I went with hit these precisely. I don’t know if the other one would have as well as I didn’t go to work there.

But one thing I neglected to specify was that the work should be interesting. I wanted to stay in the investigations field but didn’t specify beyond that. So I landed in the least interesting area of the investigations field and in a position that deals with the least interesting case subject matter imaginable.
But I love it there. The work isn’t my speed, but I love the people there. I’ll take good people I can trust over interesting work any day, especially given some of the atrocious experiences I’ve had working with snakes.

Most of my servitors are engaged in various aspects of a very large long term operation to bring justice to a large number of the aforesaid snakes. Feedback on individual targets is limited, but effects within the enemy headquarters building have been significant. They are having massive retention problems and internal conflict, aggression and paranoia is rife.
The overall operation still has some way to go but disruption and causing certain co-offenders to turn on each other is a key part of this phase of the operation.

My first ever servitor was deployed to that target location several years ago. It was designed to produce an overtly noticeable effect rather than a practical useful effect, the reason being that I was confident I would hear about it if it succeeded. Essentially it was a test of concept. I don’t know how long it took to take effect. I heard nothing for over a year, then some news articles popped up.
I won’t post them here as it identifies the organisation and the building. But yep, it took effect alright. Jetset, as I know you have a particular interest in servitors I’ll message you on this.

I’ve had some nice successes with a telepathic influence enhancing servitor.

I had an unfortunate success with a weight loss servitor. Not its fault. I started putting on a lot of weight for no apparent reason. Made a servitor to counter this. Months passed and no sign of loss. So I wrote it off as a failure and dissipated it. Weight exploded.
Turned out I had developed a nasty thyroid condition. Turned out my poor servitor had been working hard to put the brakes on further gain… which of course masked the seriousness of what was happening. Not the servitors fault.


I would love to hear more about this. I didnt know servitors could cause changes to the body.


Yep. In my experience they can produce bodily change.
But the nature and extent of bodily change possible through servitors is something you will see debated.

So all that follows is my view only, others will disagree.
I doubt that a servitor will be able to make you a foot taller or change your bone structure or transform you into a bat.

In my view, a servitor can cause bodily change by influencing things that your body or mind can do.

In the case of the above mentioned servitor, its function was to reduce the excess of body fat that I had at the time. I don’t still have its instruction sheet, but from memory this was to be in a “safe and healthy way”.
I was specific that wasn’t “weight loss” (sorry I should have been clearer about this in my post), but a reduction in body fat.

The two key points in the above paragraph are very important for this purpose. If I had tasked it with just reducing the weight of my body that could have got untidy because the easiest ways to reduce the overall weight of one’s body is to get extremely sick or to lose a limb or two.

I limited the wording in terms of “safe and healthy way” but other than that I left open how the reduction in body fat should occur.
I recall thinking that the most likely way this would happen would be by the servitor effecting a change to my metabolism, or altering my uptake of nutritional components of food during digestation or something like that. But ultimately left it up to the servitor.

My routine is to do about 25 hrs of cardio at the gym per week, plus I eat reasonably healthily.
But if I didn’t exercise, it’s likely the servitor would have strongly inclined me to exercise. If I lived on a junk food diet, it’s likely that the servitor would have caused me to be inclined to healthier eating.

Servitors can cause bodily change, but in my view this is far more likely (or perhaps entirely limited to) causing the body to make changes that are within its biological and chemical capability and/or changing attitudes or thought processes to influence relevant behaviours.

Thats just my thinking of course. I realise that others have different views on the subject.



How long after before your weight “exploded”?

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I’ll share my experience in a couple of hours.


I’ll be waiting.

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I dont remember exactly, but I remember I noticed rapid expansion fairly quickly.
Over the space of about a year I shot up some 25kg. There was a lull when the servitor was in operation, but the weight didnt come off.
After I dissipated it, the weight starting piling on fast again.

Then I realised that the servitor had been doing very well to arrest the gain. My own fault. If I hadn’t made the servitor the expansion wouldn’t have slowed and then the doctors would probably have listened to me sooner and sent me for the right tests earlier.
Theyve got the medication dosage pretty right now (still some tweaks) and I’ve dropped about 10kg in the last two months or so. So the body is metabolising mostly normally now.


I created a werewolf servitor that eats baneful magick and negative spirits for a forum member, and it successfully defended them against a malevolent attack, as well as nightmares. I created the servitor in 2020, and it was still on the job a year later.

I also created a temple guardian for someone who is still at it over three years later.

The first servitor I ever created was a little gnome whose task was to bring me coins. He was quite successful and I collected 35 cents in the first week of his operation. I’m not sure what happened to him, though. i think I forgot about him and he dissolved due to lack of attention.


I deployed one in the form of a werewolf wearing golden plate armour a few weeks ago. He has a very big job to do in respect of nine enemy combatants, so I expect it will be quite a while to mission completion. But I feel that I have set things up over time to give him the best chance of success that I can


Okay so i realized i have made a bit of a mistake. I have been using a pirated version of the magical servitors to create about three servitors so far. I totally forgot with gallery of magick, if you pirate their books it wont work. What should i do with my servitors? Should i scrap em? I bought the book a few minutes ago so i will proceed to use that for servitor making but with the three that i have made from the pirated book, what should i do?


I think you could still use the servitors without any problems

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@DarkestKnight id like to hear your opinion

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You’re probably fine. I wouldn’t worry about it.


You’re fine. The Gallery “curse” is more for the magick books with sigils in them. The technique of servitor creation in the book isn’t propritary to them.


In my opinion you are all good my friend. If indeed the curse is real and not just a scare tactic, I think it would actually need to be linked to something like a sigil in specific works, ie an where you would actually be using the book itself as a tool in the magick…
All the servitor book does is describe a method. You aren’t using the book as an actual tool in a ritual, you are just using the method described in it.

Of course if you have a fear that a curse may interfere with your servitors, you could manifest that interference yourself through that fear. But given that you have just legitimately purchased the book, that should expunge such a fear.

So don’t worry. You are all good