Marbas - to have the appearance and demeanor of one unlike yourself

Hello all,

I have been contemplating the meaning of “to have the appearance and demeanor of one unlike yourself”. It’s listed under the powers of Marbas in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.

I still don’t grasp the meaning of it. Can anyone shine some light on this please?

Basically, it’s what is known as a glamour, ie an energetic illusion that you coat yourself with to appear as someone else. Your actual appearance will not change from your own perspective, so if you looked in a mirror you would seem the same, but others will perceive you as different.

Have you ever seen someone that you would have sworn was a friend, only to have them turn out to be someone you’ve never met? The effect is kind of similar.


That makes total sense. Thanks, my friend.

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@DarkestKnight I was wondering what you think about one of the powers of Bathin, “to transform your current mood or way of thinking to one your choice”.

Would it be applicable to transform beliefs?

No, because belief is not emotion.

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I assumed it because beliefs create thoughts which leads to emotions. I want to find a way to use his power to reprogram my beliefs. Thanks again, matey.

I think you’re not wrong, it’s the 'fake it till you make it" approach. Don’t see why that wouldn’t work, maybe just watch out for doubt spoiling things before your new beliefs are really cemented in.


Thank you, @Mulberry. I have tried it a month ago. It seemed to work strongly but temporarily so i need to phrase and strategize it well.

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I think that makes sense. You’re training your subconscious with a new pattern, and it takes time for that to get settled in and for the old pattern to be forgotten or at least overwritten. :slight_smile: Almost like a healing process.


Has anyone gotten weight loss with Marbas?
Is this physically possible?

@Ragepanda used a servitor for this. They had success but as sometimes happens when we don’t know the cause of an issue, they found it also successfully masked a medical issue that was causing them to gain the weight in the first place.

So yes it’s possible, but it’s another one of those things to be careful with also, just in case there is an underlying reason that should be considered first.

For example if Panda had realized it was their thyroid, or whatever the exact issue was, they could have tasked the servitor for healing, during the time that the problem was worsening. But they didn’t know, so they were trying to solve the wrong problem.

They may have ended up needing medical care either way, but they may not have if they’d known. They are an experienced healer, so they may very well have been able to intervene on their own behalf.

Spirits are also really good for helping you to develop the habits needed to maintain a healthy weight- that doesn’t mean they’d lead you to a diet or exercise necessarily, but they might if that was the best way to get your result, so while this is something I feel Marbas is likely willing to help you with, they may also guide you rather than do it completely for you.

I’ve had a lot of results come about by me suddenly realizing what I had to do to for the problem, or being directed to look at a particularly thing and finding exactly what I needed, so I do sometimes wonder if we miss results simply because we didn’t realize the answer was put in front of us, but we expected it to be completed for us.

Like I don’t ever expect to receive the tools I need when I make a request or do a ritual. I expect to see the result, but often I find I’m given the tools then the result is easy peasy lemon squeeze to obtain- the rest of the way on my own.

If that makes any kind of early morning sense! :rofl:


Yep, Keteriya is correct @vodka1

My cautionary tale can be found in amongst the posts in this thread (the relevant post at the present moment shows as 21 days ago):

Servitor stories - General Discussion - Become A Living God

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