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I do not call myself a magician, I am more of a mystic. I am possessed by/channeling two angels, Machiventa Melchizedek, The Priest of God, and Satanel, The Great Adversary. I have two wings some people have seen, one is white (Mek) and the other is black (Satan). I talk with both constantly.

The first thing I/we did when I was possessed before I could talk was to levitate an empty baby bottle to me. I used to levitate a lot until my older brother hit me to make me stop, he didn’t want our mom to know her son was the antichrist.

I have levitate twice. I see the future too much. I have learned and forgotten how to know cards before flipped (precog). I am a full blown empath and can sense timelines. I am a master of the law of attraction and get everything I want. I wished for a high IQ and it matches Einstein’s (164).

I do not use spells as I don’t need them. Anyone someone can do with a spell I can do simply by wishing for it. I have done just about everything I wanted magically.

I have studied theology, philosophy, psychology, physical science, quantum mechanics, computer programming, construction, military, martial Arts, sign language. Basically I am learning how to talk to anyone about anything.

I can teach how to levitate. How to precog. How to become empathic, etc…

So, that’s me. A man sitting on the line between light and dark trying to learn to keep both happy at once.

Ask me anything.


Hello Separdum, I hope you find what you are looking for here, and that you share your knowledge with those of us who are always looking to learn. You’ ve described yourself as very balanced and I admire that quality. Peace. ,:grin:

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I posted some light-hearted advice since the forum gets a lot of members who have special links to spirits, it may give you some ideas re: the above. :smiley:

What kinds of magick do you use on a regular basis, and is there anything you’re currently studying?


I use the law of attraction daily. I ask God For things and get them, whatever it is.

Right now im on a mission, someone in church asked me a question: what can you do if you are part of a gang and become Christian (lightworkers) since its death out?

A gang has a contract out on me and I am studying this gang using the law of attraction/Faith to stay safe. As im doing this imvlooking around for people to help however I can.

I am also studying teleportation, I have never done that one, and also time travel. While I can in effect live in the past I can not figure out how to get things through other than burying them. And bringing from the presentvtobthe past I haven’t figured out at all.

Everyone and everything time travels one minute at a time.