Semen Retention and Release Urgency

Most Humans are plagued with Entities (by the millions) in the Energy Bodies that when they initiated practices such as ‘Semen Retention’ and cannot go full at least 3 months without feeling the URGENCY to Release is due to the fact that those kind of Entities put pressure on You to receive their Energy Meals. Get rid of your Entities so you can go on with Semen Transmutation at a higher Octave.

Umm…no. lol

Most people cannot go 3 months because semen retention goes against the biological drive to procreate and the nature of sexual energy, which is to be active. It has nothing to do with entities. In fact, it is the heightened sexual energy of practices like semen retention and testicular weight lifting that attracts parasites in the first place (at least according to the Taoist master Mantak Chia in his book on testicular kung fu).

This is why in Western sex magick, the energy is either cycled through the body for healing or used for the manifestation of goals. The sex magician seeks to take advantage of the active nature of sexual energy and apply it in their life rather than go against its nature, unlike ascetic practices which seek to deny the body.


You would probably would need to define what you mean by 'Biological Drive ', what it is ? what consists of or is made of ? .

You cannot state that something ‘Attracts’ something if you don’t have a clear Idea of How that is made of and the forces that act upon.

Western Sex Magick,doesn’t explain or go into detail about how Energy works in the different Bodies of Energy. We would be on the same page if at least you would explain it in Neigong/Qigong Taoism terms or ideas.

Again in Space there are all sorts of living beings, if anyone cannot perceive the Eteric Real at least in within some of its Bands.

It requires to define and come to an agreement in the Communications terms ones use :

Terms you used :

  • Goals (what is a Goal Energetically speaking ? what it consiste of?) . Hope you can explain it beyond simply using Lay-Men terms.
  • Active Nature of Sexual Energy . What is this ? What is made of and how it expresses itself Multi-dimensionally speaking?
  • What is its Nature ? Are there One Nature ?
  • What is Denying the Body ? Which Body , Eteric,Astral, etc ? What are the Bodies made of ?

See we are all trying to learn here . :wink:

Hey, interesting that you mention cycling this energy through the body for healing. May I ask for sources of information where I can learn specific techniques of doing this?

A biological drive is just that, the animating force of your fleshy shell. A drive is affected by the inherent chemistry of your biological system, aka hormone levels, general health status, neurotransmitters, etc.

Yes, it does. However, it depends largely on the source material. Pascal Beverely Randolph, for example, uses a lot of 19th century terms in his Magia Sexualis while more modern authors generally adapt the New Age terminology from Eastern arts like qi gong or tantra.

Goals are desires within the imaginative space that propel one forward into activity.

To be active simply means to move. Sexual energy is inherently active, which means its nature is to flow, to *act."

Generally speaking, when one talks about denying the body, one is talking about the physical vessel. In many spiritual traditions, it is believed that denying the physical body it’s basic needs, one’s possible spiritual attainments are strengthened. This usually involves some form of abstinence from every day things like sex, food, drink, and social interaction (isolation).

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i like Jason Newcomb’s book Sexual Sorcery. He covers several different exercises for moving energy through the chakras and meridians. I am also a fan of Jason Miller’s tantra based Sex, Sorcery and Spirit.


I think I kind of get what you are saying. I’ve had parasitic entities attached to me who have lured me into wasting my precious energy by temptation and manipulation, but it’s always a personal choice no matter how difficult it is to make the choice that is right for you.

I will say that the release of sexual energy is a natural urge which makes sense and that’s one big reason why most people can’t go 3 months without releasing it, however, in my opinion many times it’s not just physical reasons that make it difficult.

Parasitic attachments are extremely common from what I can see, even most people on the planet have actual physical parasites in them which makes it harder to live healthily.

People start to crave the things that will feed the parasites and not nourish their body or soul and then most people get used to that, it’s promoted everywhere so we may impose destruction upon ourselves.

I mean overindulgence in sex, fast food, glorification of drugs and violence etc. Our society promotes these things, we get influenced, we act, and behaviors are infectious. Now it’s harder than ever to live well and make beneficial choices for ourselves.

When practicing semen retention it is helpful to have proper access to things which nourish our souls so we don’t become overly obsessed with releasing our sexual energy. Having meaningful conversations and interactions with people you resonate with, channeling your sexual energy to create situations and circumstances or artistic work which promotes the lifestyle you wish to live, energy work and learning how to satisfy yourself emotionally, detoxing from physical parasites. These things, along with a daily practice of gratitude and spiritual hygiene (continuous energetic cleansing of your home and yourself) could in my opinion make it as possible as it can be to continue your semen retention with minimal resistance.

I’m working on implementing many of these things myself at the moment, it’s a process so be patient with yourself and just keep taking steps forward without cessation. I’m not gonna recommend aforementioned things, I’m just answering from my own experience and you yourself choose what actions to take or to not take.

I think that it’s not wrong to release it but it can be healthy to be extremely selective with the situations in which you would do so. It’s seemingly better used for other things than pure pleasure.

Wow thanks man, I think I may have heard of him. I’m gonna look this up :pray:t4:

I have to agree this isn’t making a lot of sense… who told you this? It’s completely normal for human males to need to ejaculate, and in fact if they don’t they risk medical issues including testicular cancer. It’s not healthy for a human not to do human things: use it or lose it.

I don’t disagree that astral parasites can be an issue but I’m not sure about “millions”? And they feed on emotions and qi, climaxing releases qi.

What do you mean by “semen transmutation” and “higher octave”?

In qigong, an important longevity practice is to lean to climax without ejaculation, as it’s believed that for men they lose jing when they ejaculate, and when you run out of jing you age and die. There’s related practice to convert sexual energy to jing to live longer. Is this what you are referring to, changing semen to jing?

You mean “layman’s” terms? I don’t think “laymen” talk about magick or energy working to have any, do they? :joy:

Re goals, if you read that as specifically magickal goals, then this is referring to the desired results from a magical working. Using the qigong model, energetically, a desire is an energy you have, stored within the emotional body. In qigong, it is said that “intention is everything” - it’s very important to be clear and strong minded about your intention ie goals. Weak thinking makes for weak energy flow, which makes for weak magick and hence weak manifestations. Know who you are, what you want and why you want it.

In qigong, the layers of bodies that you mainly work with consciously are the physical, qi, emotional, and mental. There are more subtle layers beyond that, I forget what they’re called and they vary between teachers. The general idea is pretty much the same: get these balanced, strong and free of restrictions and you will be healthy, wise and long lived.

This sounds like a load of crap indeed. maybe even a misunderstanding of the joke about the millions of lives/ souls you waste when jerking off.

If someone with the purpose to do so cannot go without ejaculation or an orgasm even for just 3 months, you’re not really trying… I’m not saying you might be weak (but I probably will be thinking it)
The biological urge is not a constant, most of the difficulty is mental. Which shouldn’t be a problem for a practitioner who is used to serious shadow work and tackling mental difficulties such as these.

I am currently on month 2 of no sex and no pr0n and also no faps and orgasm unless a ritual calls for it. Which hasn’t been the case and won’t be the case for at least another month. I am not doing this as a permanent thing, it’s a temporary measure until I learn what I need to learn.
There are no problems at all, apart from a friend who is slightly disappointed she’s getting all the friendship but a little less benefits.
The only real ‘problem’ or challenge I foresee in the future is successfully prolonging the orgasm in my first ritual trying out what I have learned so far.

If you deny arousal in any form and try to ignore or push it away, it will become a problem. (catholic priests and nuns?) I’m not a monk, I don’t see sexuality as evil and unwanted, in fact I work on, hope for and welcome the arousal so I have the opportunity to further experience, examine and learn to direct my sexual energy (without release) in a different way that I was used to.
If you work with or rather channel that arousal, there is hardly any frustration and therefore no real problems.

I also don’t see myself as a special superhuman, I’m convinced any normal healthy human can do whatever I do.

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The problem here is that those medical authorities don’t have a clue about Energy matters, so I wonder Why, someone like you Mulberry still cannot move beyond without consulting them . I think backing up any consideration with Medical ‘facts’ is not really a good way to go, sure it is healthy to clear the pipes once in a while but Advanced Practitioners ,afaik don’t do that often.

Semen has an Energy Aspect, I won’t go into the details of that as it would take longer. By higher Octaves I meant Higher Octaves of Vibration, if you want to learn more about ‘Energy’, I refer to you to consult and learn the Hydrogens Tables from Sarmoung Brotherhood, once you learnt that, then you will understand me more :slight_smile: .

Intention is under the Law of Polarity as well, every Intention generates a Counter-Intention, but this also is another subject that requires a lot more in dept explanation that I won’t go into as I’d be sidetrackening.

Yes of course, each one layers have ‘entities’ in them, so just because you clean your ‘Etheric body field’ doesn’t necessarily mean the Astral and the Mental aspect are good to go.

If you have a dirty Mind you will struggle with the Sexual work. Also not everybody that is using Sexual Energy is doing it with the same Goal. In ancient teachings before Taoism, it was exclusively used for creating the different Bodies of Light, then later , apparently other Individuals appeared who figured it out they could do Sex Magick and with the Help of Spirits get favors in the physical world.
In regards the no sex and no Pr0n periods, there are Individuals outthere who can do it for 12 months straight without blinking and suffering.

I think most people are in very dense Energy vibrations, so one need also to distinguish between Animal Sexual Instincts and the Desires the Entities/Parasites/Larvae produce on yourself.

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This sounds very New Age and nihilistic, there’s no reason to label the animal urges “dense” or claim that you get them because of parasites. It’s the other way around - they can (but not always) attract parasites because it’s strong and nurturing energy, but parasites are not the cause of them.

Considering “energy matters”… actually this does, why do you assume it doesn’t? If you think about it, blockages cause imbalance. Blocking the release of sexual energy is unhealthy and that’s WHY it causes medical issues. You cannot separate these. The whole body works together and the bodies transfer energy changes one to the other, and imbalance in one causes imbalance and hence sickness in the other.

Also realise that sexual desire is hormone-driven. You can have an army of sexual parasites trying to turn you on and nothing is happening without hormones. They affect more of our personalities than people know, and can’t be discounted - that’s the animal part. Good hormone levels is how a healthy human survives, on many levels. No testosterone/estrogen? No horny. No thyroid? No horny (also dead, and fast). Too much cortisol? No horny (you’re too busy being stressed out of your mind). This is correct and normal, not parasitic.

What @LvxMferre mentions is the way to prevent pent up sexual energy from causing imbalance because if you use it it’s not blocked, but that’s not what you’re proposing. You’re making the highly assumptive argument that sexual urges are parasitic and this is not true.

I notice, that while you ask us to explain, at no point have you explained WHY you think there are so many parasites or why they are the cause of sexual urges? Are you heavily parasitized and having issues, so this is your experience, or are you simply spouting something you heard?

Lamest cop-out ever. I’m not impressed. You should go into the details if you expect us to listen to you. The fact that you demand from us basic definition like “what a goal is” is hypocritical also. Play fair and give this your best shot. At the moment there’s very little in your argument that stands up to scruitiny, and you seem to have been sorely misled, presumably by this “brotherhood”, who don’t seem to know what they are talking about.

Here’s a hint: semen is alive. Everything has qi, (energy), but semen that is alive has Ren qi (human qi) and more than say, seminal fluid that does not contain living sperm.

And you have no idea what “higher octave” means, or that’s it’s an analogy, or why you’re using an analogy from music. Got it… It’s to do with the mathematics of the physics, specifically in the harmonics of standing waves.

Nope. There no such thing as a “law of polarity” and intention does not have to be polarized, so that’s just weird. The physical manifest universe has polarity but this is often misunderstood - it’s a comparison, not an absolute. Meaning, it’s not black and white like that.

I don’t use the term, “etheric” - this is not part of the model in qigong - I said qi, emotional and mental. Not always, but yes it’s possible to gain parasitic attachments in all these layers, that doesn’t mean you can assume they exist in all people.

It’s also possible for a parasite to be in multiple layers t once and “hide” by moving between the bodies, and hide in subtle constructs within. I’ve experienced this when removing a large parasite myself. Not a sexual one - most parasites are not sexually oriented in my experience, they go for anger and fear as these are more abundant.

There is also the case that a “parasite” is not an external invader, but a thoughtform created by the person, and these are very common.

No, sorry. I don’t give a shit about some random “brotherhood”. If you can’t explain your ideas on this forum and why you stand by them, so that we all can see or I’m calling LARP - if you can’t explain it you don’t understand it well enough, and that means you are only preaching dogma.

Yes, agreed

I agree up to a point. Despite that my dirty mind gives me a lot of joy and I don’t associate enough with it to let it get in the way of things most of the time.
It’s usually not the sex drive, but an underlying issue that needs to be taken care off.
Despite not really being shamed by my parents and growing up in a relatively progressive and mostly secular environment. I still have my own issues around sex and shame to take care off. These two have been passed down as buddies for so many generations, it affects virtually all of us.

I’m not going to agree or disagree on your stance on how sexual energy is, was and should be used. It’s a powerful primal urge. There are no real reliable sources that date back enough to be sure.
All I know is that in a spiritual and occult manner, it has been used for numerous reasons for millennia and it’s an absolute powerhouse I want in my occult toolkit. Worth taking the extra time and effort to get rid of every single issue I have around sex and lust to be able to learn how to use it in it’s purest and primal form.

I’ve found that parasitic entities can latch on any energy. Sex and sex energy is not really special in this. If it is not sex, it’s fear, anger or even the huge amount of general energy from a crowd at a sportsmatch or concert.