Semen On Tissue - A Tool Or Pointless Keepsake?

You see plenty of spell work with semen involved, but always in fresh / jar form.

But I have yet to find any insight into if one has recent semen on a tissue from target (to note said target of interest has touched the tissue from wiping off from partner after intimacy also)

Is such bodily fluid any use if dried on the tissue, or does it always need to be in it’s “purest” format?

My assumptions were before I hit a dead end with research was that it maybe it could be placed in a voodoo doll, or a “sweeten” / “obsession” jar. But I have not seen any examples of that being used,

I had seen mentioned it may be useful in sympathetic magic, but having looked at the structure of such a practice there does not seem to be a way to insert such a tool.

With it being the targets bodily fluid still & touched by both parties in a positive, after intimacy way, I would think the energy mix would be of use in some way to draw the semen owner in question to whoever is using it in a casting…

So are my assumptions correct and it can be added to such a jar or voodoo doll alongside the other casting ingredients?

Or is there another practice that I am missing?

All ideas & experiences welcome.

I think it’s still a valid link. If clothing or items they own are a link, and they are dry, I think its fine if it’s dried out.

Yes, I think that’s a a good use. It probably isn’t easy to write on so some applications where you’d use a photo link or piece of paper with the name and/or intent written on might not work so well, but you could pin it to the photo or paper for that too.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply @Mulberry

Much appreciated and helpful - Good to know there are workarounds to the more trickier aspects like when it comes to the other paper parts being involved, for that does feature a lot in castings all round

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From my experience with belial with as raunchy he can be at times. Dried semen is definitely useful. If I go off track from from your question I apologize.

Had an alter to him with some much dry blood, semen, and spit that I thought it was disrespectful but it made him manifest almost instantly. Also I think it depends on you spiritual physis in regards to what it would do in a friend form.

If your more of a toxic being meant to destroy sprinkling that on a picture of an enemy depending on the intent could dissolve them.

Apologies if this doesn’t add to the discussion lol in my experience dried semen is definitely potent