Self-Initiation through the Spheres of the Qliphoth

I will, with time. I have much other work and stuff to do, so I don’t do this now.

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What should I expect after I do this ? Can I ask their help on a request that I have ?

Is there a typical reaction through each sphere? I have done Nahemoth. With that one, I noticed I was very focused on earthly, mundane things. With Gamaliel I am noticing I’m very into my emotions and my dreams are also becoming very vivid again and seem to be symbolic. I’m waiting a few days at least between them to absorb the energies.

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So I did the rite of Nahemoth last night. I didn’t have any visions or anything as other people have reported but I believe it was working because my left hand was tingling and tingling with energy. I take that as a good sign because my left hand has for some reason always been pretty sensitive when it comes to energies. Thanks for sharing these!

So should you use the incantation words or is english fine in relation to
Liftoach Shaari Ha-Nahemoth B’Shem Ha-Na-Ama-Hema (x11)
[Open the Gate to Nahemoth in the Name of Na-Ama-Hema]

I have the pact edition

i just did the first sphere… i will boosting my experience. I will do the next one in 3-4 days to give myself time to tone and understand and experience each one of them.

Perfect!!! :snake:

I have a question do you say them in the original language or is the English form fine? I feel more power when I say it in english because it feels more commanding but I want to make sure. I’ve been doing once in english once in the original language to be sure

How much time qlipoth Energy work ? When change qlipha ?

In asenath mason work you must use your blood

I am reading this now… But I need an advice at something! When I am mixing the incense blends for the Qliphoth, they say you chant the Qliphothic formula… They have two Qliphothic formulae… One for the Qlipha shell that is chanted 11 times when the invocation begins and one to call upon at the end along with the throne seals and the angle keys which is supposed to open the Qliphoth completely after the invocation… Pictures bellow!

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I really like that, but where did you find that sigil??? Have not seen that one before for Naamah.

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It is from “The book of sitra achra”. I also wonder- better to do those cards with invocation like on this one, or no?

Personally, I like it with the invocation.

It’s actually for her sphere Nahemoth.

I know this is an older post but I’m just starting to go through the Qliphoth. Been a while since I’ve been on the BALG forum so this is like a personal note to myself. I’ve been torn lately between continuing with black magick or turning to the RHP. Shaitan and I parted ways a while back but recently Theosis was really tempting me, but I’ve found that Christianity is poisonous for my mental health.

Nonetheless, my Shadow, my dark self has been with me this whole time. I didn’t know what to do so I channeled my deepest intuition through my pendulum.

Q: Will converting to Eastern Orthodoxy (e.g. by doing Theosis) make me happy?
A: No

Q: Will going through the Qliphoth and attaining power through it make me happy?
A: Yes

I then dug up this thread on the Qliphoth rites and asked my Shadow how I should do it and his voice boomed:

Great advice!

So that’s my advice to anyone else who wants to go through the Qliphoth. Likewise that is what my guide said so keep that in mind.