Self-Initiation through the Spheres of the Qliphoth


Few questions:

  1. How do you know that you have opened a specific Qlipha?
  2. What do you become on a long-term after opening that Qlipha?
  3. Same question but only after you open all of them.
  4. Does just chanting these incantations help to open the Qlipha? If no, what is a step by step guide?


I also recommend good books for the first two, and last sphere:

Daemon Barzai: The Tree of the Shadows: Lilith: The Woman of the Night (for the first Qlipha Lilith and first Qliphotic Tunnel: Thantifaxath)

Daemon Barzai: The Tree of the Shadows: Gamaliel: The Obscene One (for the second Qlipha Gamaliel and Qliphotic Tunnels: Shalicu, Raflifu, and Qulielfi)

S. Ben Qayin: Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones (for the last Qlipha Thaumiel. Includes The Rite of the Unholy Resurrection)


You could at least credit VK


For serious practitioners I recommend initiation procedure through the Current 218 which is explained in the new Qliphothic Grimoire The Book of Sitra Achra - Azerate Pact Edition


Yes. I stumbled on this site today. Their books are incredibly limited. Their artwork is realistic and beautiful. Especially the multi-arm Lilith portrait. It is awesome. However, the writing in the books seems to be printed in fonts that are difficult to read. Reading them would be serious effort. I would have preferred them to use easily to read fonts.


The fonts are fine, classic as in other books. By the way, Azerate Pact Edition is already sold.


If they are sold out, then it is likely that the information in there will never get to be propagated to others.


I would also like to ask in reciting the invocations or evocation to any of the ruling demon of the qliphothic sphere, is there a particular time of the day or night that it should be performed? Or there is no time issue as to when it should be performed?
Thank you


Do it, doesn’t matter day or night


Great. Thank you.


:thinking: so I kinda wanted to do this last night! I read the first one out loud! I felt weird after it like more pressure on my head so just went to bed. I was in a grassy field and a leaf on my face! It smelled strong! I woke up couple of times and still smelling it and feeling it! I smelled it all night… my head hurts behind my ears and the base of my head! My throat chakra was nuts… also someone talked to me when I was laying on the grass “you have magic but you aren’t a witch! Why are you here?” I said just because… he said “that’s not enough
:thinking: Did I fail?

My self progression journal

Wow, at least you got a response.


I am using VK Jehannum’s blog for my workings. So, how many times to you have to perform each rite? And more importantly what should I expect? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


If you think on opening sphere, one rite is enough.

Nahemoth: the Sphereworkings are Different for Everyone


Do you know that his book Grimoire of Deathful Wombs is out? There is a ritual he includes that will ask Chavajoth to create an energetic space that will bring in the Qliphothic Energy contain it in your desired space so that it my leak out. If you are using his methods, it might be good to get it.


Definitely, this is one of must-read books