Self-Hypnosis & Trance YouTube Suggestions

Did some searching on here but didn’t see much in the way of YouTube video suggestions for entering into a deep hypnotic or trance state.

Just curious what y’all guys’ favorites are?

This video posted by @Fallen_Angel in another thread seems pretty effective, for example:

So why should magicians be interested in hypnosis or trancing out?

Well, it appears that the Theta Gamma Sync (which is the mental state most favorable for spirit manifestation & communication) is very similar to states of hypnotically induced trance. Spirit contact and channeling can initiate spontaneously during self-hypnosis too–something about shutting off that analytical part of our mind that usually chatters and swings from mental branch to branch during ordinary daily activities helps trigger a connection to our intuitive side & the Divine Within.

Now I’ve used guided meditations from books to good effect, but it can be difficult to remember all the details, and it’s pretty jarring to have to continually open your eyes in order to re-read a passage. Audio tracks & guided YouTube meditations are perfect as an alternative, therefore, but there’s so many out there that it can be tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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I loved to use all sorts of music as well. The more complex, the better in my case.

I played this video game over a decade ago. It has a very trippy soundtrack. I cannot listen to it while driving because it can make me drop so suddenly.

A couple of examples, the second video is a bit more mild:

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I pretty much use shamanic drum tracks but recently I’ve been teaching my wife meditation so we’ve been listening to the Mindfulness Prescription For ADHD tracks. They’re on CD but if I find them on YouTube I’ll edit this to link them. It’s not trance meditation it’s grounding meditation, unfortunately. :upside_down_face:

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I’ve found these to be pretty potent for trance work.


Thanks for the awesome suggestions, guys! :+1: :musical_note: